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On this page, I post channels that are not included in the book "Heavenly Conversations in the New Age", and are not included in "The Road, Truth and Life". Small drips in everyday life.


Virtual world, real world, what's the difference? When you are in the virtual world it can be experienced as real, and when you are in the real world it can be experienced as virtual. It becomes difficult to distinguish the real from the virtual. But what if the virtual isn't virtual, but is right next to you. What if you could switch between a virtual reality and a real reality? Virtual reality is in a dimension right next to you, along with other dimensions. When you are in another dimension, the virtual world will no longer be virtual, but real, and the real world will become virtual. Then what you will understand is that all worlds are real, each in its own time and dimension.

The interesting thing is when you experience a strong dream that feels completely real. You even wake up in the morning exhausted, have physical pain after the night's dream, or wake up with a fear, sadness or joy. How can a dream physically settle in the body? You can sit and fantasize in a waking state, and of course it can cause feelings to a certain degree, but never physical pain. So how can a dream at night give you a feeling of having been in the dream in a reality?

I told you that the virtual world and the real world can switch reality in other dimensions.

At night when the body is relaxed and in deep rest, the soul travels on a journey in other dimensions. When the soul returns, the experiences it brings with it will stick in the body as the body wakes up from a dream. Your dreams are the soul's journey.

Your dreams are real experiences in other dimensions

In the dream, you can ask the soul to solve problems that you are unable to solve in reality. In such dreams, you can get information that in this life you cannot remember, but which your soul remembers.

Great discoveries and inventions have come to mankind in exactly this way.

When you allow yourself to be hypnotized you will experience the same. The soul travels back in time and experiences what is hidden from you in the present.

So dear ones, remember that you are here in the present, in the past and in the future and in multiple dimensions. The knowledge of the soul is great. Let your soul retrieve knowledge that you need in your life. Let your soul travel and find answers to your questions, and it will be your conscious task to interpret the answers correctly.

Bring all soul aspects back into your life, release difficult feelings and experiences. Let your soul and you become one. Embrace all that your soul shows you, because it shows you this in love for you to understand and move on. Invite your soul into your life and let the soul be your guide. Let your soul be your guide and take the signals your soul gives you. When you and your soul are one, you will be filled with peace, security and wisdom. Embrace your beautiful soul in love.

You humans were put on earth, some willingly and others abandoned. When you talk about extraterrestrials, you are basically extraterrestrials yourself. All humans have a common genetic code. Based on this common code, variations have been made for different peoples. This common code is also found in extraterrestrial entities. In other words, you have the same genetic code on several planets. When you receive visits from other parts of space, remember that you have a common origin.

This common origin should be what brings you together instead of spreading fear of the unknown.


Let your soul show you your origins so you can understand.


In light and love

Archangel Michael.






Energies work continuously and connect all living things on earth. All animals, people, nature and elements are a finely meshed network of energies, which are mutually dependent on each other, even the smallest insect has its mission in nature. if you take a part away, the ecosystem will fall apart. Predators and herbivores live side by side and depend on each other to preserve diversity in nature. A network of channels through which energies flow in a perpetual cycle. When an imbalance occurs, there will be a break in the cycle that affects all animals, plants and man himself. Even the grass on the ground depends on the herbivores. The diversity of nature and the balance of the ecosystem are on the verge of collapse. You can already feel it by the fact that it is warmer at the poles and the ice is melting. there are more disasters, floods and fires. Civilizations have come and gone, even civilizations that have been more advanced than you are today have succumbed. Man is not the head of nature, but a small piece. The time has come for a major turnaround operation, if the world is to survive the future.

Start by preserving wildlife and nature and the diversity that surrounds you. In many places, you have already started programs to preserve endangered animal species around the world. A diverse life also applies to all life in the sea, fish, plants, algae and anemones. Life on the land and life in the mountains and in the air.


The energy paths are found in everything. Work with your energy pathways. Release all negative energy and replace this with light and love. Redeem all negative qualities you have and replace this with light and love. Redeem everything you have done to others knowingly or unknowingly, and forgive everything others have done to you proven or unknowing, replace this with light and love. Work your way through this life, all past lives and all dimensions.

Release and release all past lives from the dawn of time and in all dimensions. Do not carry with you mistakes and shortcomings from other lives that weigh you down in this life. Carry the knowledge with you, so that you can live a balanced life in light and love. Let the light and love flow through every vein and cell in the body. Become a light bearer in meeting others.

In the future, you will understand that all energy will affect you and become a part of you, even the energy you have nothing to do with. All energy affects everyone, directly or indirectly. Peace and imbalance in one country will have ripple effects in other countries. Energies flow continuously, both negative and positive.

You must therefore release the negative energies, and replace them with light and love to achieve equilibrium in the energies. You live in a world where negative energies are allowed to prevail. Spread positive energies, be grateful for all the experience life has given you, learn from this and carry the knowledge with you further in life.

Don't dwell on difficult feelings. Redeem these and replace them with light. Don't let old energies lead you forward, but new loving energies.

You have come to a time where love will be your guide. Start with yourself and help those around you. Spread the message and it will spread like ripples in water. Let the infinite energies flow in light and love from the highest mountain peak to the deepest ocean. Let bright energies flow through nature and all life that moves from the grass on the ground, the birds and insects in the air, the fish in the sea, the animals on land, and back to yourselves. An eternal circle of life.


n light and love

Archangel Michael.





Energier arbeider uavbrutt og knytter alt levende liv på jorden sammen. Alle dyr, mennesker, naturen og elementer er et finmasket nettverk av energier, som er gjensidig avhengig av hverandre, selv det minste insekt har sin misjon i naturen. tar du en del bort vil økosystemet rakne, Rovdyr og planteetere lever side om side og er avhengig av hverandre for å bevare mangfoldet i naturen. Et nettverk av kanaler der energier strømmer rundt i en evigvarende syklus. Når det skjer en ubalanse vil det bli brudd i syklusen som påvirker alle dyr, planter og mennesket selv. Selv gresset på bakken er avhengig av planteeterne. Mangfoldet i naturen og balansen i økosystemet er på randen av kollaps. Dere merker det allerede ved at det er varmere ved polene og isen smelter. det er flere katastrofer, flom og branner. Sivilisasjoner har kommet og gått, selv sivilisasjoner som har vært mer avansert enn dere er i dag, har bukket under. Mennesket er ikke overhode i naturen, men en liten brikke. Tiden er inne for en kraftig snu operasjon, hvis verden skal overleve fremtiden. 

Start med å bevare dyrelivet og naturen og det mangfoldet som er rundt dere. Mange steder har dere allerede startet program for å bevare truede dyrearter rundt om på jorda. Et mangfoldig liv gjelder også alt liv i havet, fisker, planter, alger og anemoner. Liv på landjorda og liv i fjellet og i lufta.


Energibanene finnes i alt. Arbeid med dine energibaner. Forløs all negativ energi og erstatt dette med lys og kjærlighet. Forløs alle negative egenskaper du har, og erstatt dette med lys og kjærlighet. Forløs alt du har gjort mot andre bevisst eller ubevisst, og tilgi alt andre har gjort mot deg bevist eller ubevisst, erstatt dette med lys og kjærlighet. Arbeid deg gjennom dette livet, alle tidligere liv og alle dimensjoner.

Forløs og gi slipp på alle tidligere liv fra tidenes morgen og i alle dimensjoner. Bær ikke med deg feil og mangler fra andre liv som tynger deg ned i dette livet. Bær med deg kunnskapen, slik at du kan leve et balansert liv i lys og kjærlighet. La lyset og kjærligheten strømme gjennom hver åre og celle i kroppen. Bli en lysbærer i møte med andre.

Fremover vil du forstå at all energi vil påvirke deg og bli en del av deg, selv den energien du ikke har noe med å gjøre. All energi påvirker alle, direkte eller indirekte. Ufred og ubalanse i et land , vil gi ringvirkninger til andre land. Energier strømmer uavbrutt, både negative og positive.

Dere må derfor forløse de negative energiene, og erstatte dem med lys og kjærlighet for å få likevekt i energiene. Dere lever i en verden der negative energier får råde. Spre positive energier, vær takknemlig for all erfaring livet har gitt deg, ta lærdom av dette og bær kunnskapen med deg videre i livet. 

Dvel ikke ved vanskelige følelser. Forløs disse og erstatt dem med lys. La ikke gamle energier være det som leder deg fremover, men nye kjærlige energier. 

Dere har kommet til en tid der kjærligheten skal være deres guide. Start med deg selv og hjelp de rundt deg. Spre budskapet og det vil spre seg som ringer i vann. La de uendelige energiene strømme rundt i lys og kjærlighet fra den høyeste fjelltopp til det dypeste hav. La lyse energier gjennomstrømme naturen og alt liv som rører seg fra gresset på bakken, fuglene og insektene i lufta, fisken i havet, dyra på land, og tilbake til dere selv. En evig sirkel av liv.

I lys og kjærlighet

Erkeengelen Mikael. 


What is your basis for comparison?

How do you think about yourself? Do you think about how you look, what you can do, or what you mean and do you compare yourself to others and adjust your appearance, your opinions and your thoughts according to what others think? Don't you have the right to like what you like and stand up for it, or say what you think and stand up for it? You are so afraid to stand out in the crowd. Instead, you try your best to be as uniform as possible, so that you don't stand out in any way. A good example of this is what you humans call fashions. If something is in fashion, then everyone has to have it and replaces what they already have to adapt to the new. If someone sticks out and takes a different course, wears different types of clothes or does not believe what is popular, then they fall out of the community and do not fit in. No one dares to be friends with the one who sticks out. What if you all stood honestly in front of the mirror and told yourselves who you are, then being different would have no meaning at all.

To not dare to be who you are, and to be proud of it, is to be hard on oneself. How can you live an honest life when you are not honest with yourself. To  follow fashion to be popular is not to be honest with yourself. When you are not your true self even to yourself, you are not kind to yourself, you punish yourself and have no self-love.

Start by loving yourself. Who you are, your appearance and what you stand for. Acknowledge your own opinions and say them out loud, first to yourself, then to others. Break out of the unhealthy community that breaks you down. Take control and be yourself, love yourself and be honest with yourself.

When you master loving yourself and giving yourself love, you can send love out to everyone else who needs it. The more you send out love, the more you will receive from the universe. The love of the universe is bigger and stronger than you can ever imagine. The love of the universe endures all, and is there for you all. From now on, universal love will become the essential thing in life, that which gives meaning, hope, faith and progress. Hold fast to the universal love and you will never again have to be afraid to step wrong. By taking in the universal love, you will feel an inexplicable security, a calmness and a strength. By taking in the universal love, you will be yourself one hundred percent, and like it. For the love of the universe is the strongest energy there is, everything originates from it and exists because of it. So dare to take the step, and have the conversation with yourself in the mirror. Commit yourself to universal love and let love guide you through life.

The time has come for you humans to embrace universal love as the force in life. Let yourselves be guided by it and let yourselves understand through it. Retreat from today's aggression and power struggles, wars and distress. Now is the time to spread other energies in the world, to renew the understanding of what is important and what is real.

In light and love

Archangel Michael



Triangel effekten

Deep in thoughts and deep in feelings lies the depth of your soul.

Your deepest soul holds a truth you cannot yet understand. In your deepest soul you find the universe. In your deepest soul you find experiences, lives that have been lived, emotions that have unfolded, happiness and tragedies. In your deepest soul you will find everything from your first time and beyond that time. Your soul holds today, yesterday and tomorrow. Your soul contains all that is and all that is between that which is. You are not just mass, but matter and energy, body, mind and soul. These three elements must work together to make you whole, like a triangle. If you lose one side, the triangle is not complete.


If you are sick, you heal your body and mind, but you are not whole without healing your soul. Your soul is not bound to borders, to time or space. Your soul wanders in time and through dimensions. The soul is free, but can also be bound in your body and soul, bound in memories and events that do not belong to this time. This can result in illnesses or pain in the body that cannot be explained. Therefore, heal not only your body and mind, but heal your soul. The three elements must always be part of a healing, because all three are affected by pain and illness. Your soul may become weary and desire only rest. Your body feels tired and heavy, tired and out of balance. The body shuts down several functions and can cause pain both physically and psychologically. Always think of your body as a triangle, and always heal behind what you cannot see. The soul always seeks the light, therefore bring light to your soul, to your body and your mind. Have faith in the healing process, not just hope. Hope undermines faith, because hope also has a flip side, a doubt. In contrast, faith has a clarity without a back. Remember that your thoughts and feelings are creators, and you can therefore create a good or bad life depending on what you think. Your mind thinks and is perceived by the soul that creates this in your life. Remember what I said: the soul has no time or space, it wanders forward, backward and through dimensions. The soul can therefore bring positive things to your physical life through your thoughts in the mind, the triangle effect. This can also have the opposite effect where you create negative events in life

In the universe there is a matter that bends the physical laws. This matter bends space and time. Many in the universe use this matter in their technology, and soon you will too. Traveling through space to the most distant galaxies is possible with this matter. In the near future you will understand better. At the moment you have enough to work with your inner space, your inner journey and the universe in your soul, and the triangle effect in your life.

In light and love

Archangel Michael.




To walk in time.

Time is a man-made concept. Time does not come and time does not pass. The time is here all the time. Time passes through you and you can pass through time. Time is therefore a concept that is not correct in the multidimensional world. You can go from world to world and cross borders, but time is the same. However, the development in the different worlds can be different. If you think of placing a stack of paper in front of you and cutting through all the papers in the stack, then the cut will be equal through the stack provided you don't shift any papers during the cut. This is also the case with the worlds.

This is a topic that is difficult to understand since you are very concerned with time.

When a child is born with strong memories of its previous life, the child will not think of time as something that has passed. Life is quite clear for the child and the longing to see his family again is strong. Memories flood in like something that has just happened, even though in their reckoning many decades have passed. The feelings are unchanging, both the good and the less good. A child of three may have strong feelings for a person of a hundred whom he knew in his previous life that no time has passed.

When we say you have now entered a new time, the time itself is not new, but the knowledge you have or want to acquire in this time is new to you. Time is the same, and the knowledge is old, but for you it will be experienced as new. According to your reckoning of time, you will have developed forward, while in reality you have developed the ability to remember backwards.

The history you have completed will be kept alive by some for generations. The feelings, the fear, the misunderstanding will be maintained and create the basis for the same conflicts. To break this conflict, the parties must recall.

Many of you experience physical ailments, fatigue, dizziness and other unexplained symptoms of illness. The body continues to develop both physically and mentally. Integration of DNA strands will increase their ability to see more clearly, think more clearly and understand better. Old knowledge will come to the surface.

Imagine that you are standing in front of another entity from another solar system. How will you react? Will you react with fear, joy, wonder or curiosity? Can you imagine that this person will be skeptical and suspicious of humans? When old knowledge comes from within you will know the answer and you will react accordingly. Perhaps you will welcome this as an old friend or a new neighbour. Your behavior and reaction pattern will eventually change without you noticing. When you then look back, you cannot understand how you could think like that or think like that. This invisible change comes from your inner being growing and developing and is like a separate living being within you, your mind and your body, your soul.

Do not be anxious about the changes you experience. Think positively and welcome the changes.

Changes also occur on the surface of mother earth. As we have said before, you will experience much more weather, strong winds, floods and other natural disasters. Now the limit has been reached and the changes are inevitable. Don't be afraid, keep calm and send mother earth lots of light and love. Everything will be as it is meant to be.

In light and love

Archangel Michael.

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