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On this page, I post channels that are not included in the book "Heavenly Conversations in the New Age", and are not included in "The Road, Truth and Life". Small drips in everyday life.


Tomorrow New Year's Eve marks the transition to the new year in many places around the world. It will be a year filled with controversies, surprises, but also joys. Everyone will remember the coming year for something very special, something that has shaken the very ground under their feet. Always remember that whatever happens will happen for a reason. There is nothing that is random and there is nothing that does not make sense in the big picture. The coming year's events will shake the ground beneath your feet, and you will have to start thinking new thoughts. For some, the events will shock, while others have been waiting for many years. You have a lot to fix in this world. More wars, economic distortions, food shortages and hunger in some parts of the world, while in other places people live in lavish luxury. Oppression, human trafficking, abuse and torture, religious fanaticism, environmental crisis and much more. This is what you have to correct, and it will take time.

The coming year will in many ways be an extension of the year that has passed. More natural disasters will occur, such as fires, floods, landslides, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. All of this will affect the climate, which has ripple effects in wildlife and the entire ecosystem. You will not be aware that you will not only wake up to a new year, but a new age.

Life as you know it beyond 2024 will change drastically. major changes in yourselves, your structures and structure will change you, your thoughts and therefore your deeds. Many of you have already discovered part of this change, while others of you are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes. For a whole world to change, you must change from within. Your thoughts, feelings and attitudes must change so that you can make the right choices for those who do not have words and can stand up for themselves, such as animals and nature. The whole basis of their existence is nature.

Although there will be an explosion in technological development during the year, the basis of your existence will be the same, and you must therefore protect it. More people will be able to observe unidentifiable objects in the night sky. Don't be alarmed, but don't be fooled either. Not everything from above is of the good, but not of the evil either. Over the past year several portals have opened to other worlds, other dimensions and wormholes to other planets. This may be strange to some, but for those of you who have seen or had contact, prepare yourself, the time is almost here. Help the others and lead the way.


For the year ahead, prepare for the day to change quickly. Don't be shocked or put off. Prepare yourself mentally that all kinds of changes can happen quickly. Take your relationship rules. There is a lot of turmoil in the world and no hope of improvement anytime soon. Know that after darkness comes light, hold on to the light, to positive thoughts and love. Don't let the hopelessness in. Everything has a cause, everything has a beginning and an end and everything starts again in an eternal circle. Keep positive thoughts and work on yourself and your own foundations. The coming year will be an interesting year, technologically, developmentally and energetically. Most things will be sent to new heights in the new age.

'We will provide updates throughout the year on which precautions it might be wise to think about and what is happening in and outside the world. Until then live in light and love.

Archangel Michael.


































Since the dawn of time, man has believed in something. Natural forces, gods, philosophy and what has been a comfort in difficult times. You have always relied on other people's words, other people's thoughts and the commands others have given you. You go the same way as the crowd, off the cliff if that is the case.

Your genes have been created to follow, be submissive and obey. You are now in the middle of a change that will leave a big mark on mother earth and the universe. A reversal operation is needed on a larger scale than you can imagine. These days you will experience changes in yourself, whether it concerns your health or how you think. More DNA strands will be activated, what scientists call junk DNA. Work with yourself to be part of the activation process and see the changes that will happen. Maybe you thought it was all a coincidence? All the junk DNA has lain dormant until the energy that would awaken them to life was in place. You have now worked actively with yourselves to change the energies within yourself, your neighbor and mother earth. The time is therefore here to activate the DNA strands. Some of you will find that you have not put the old energies behind you to be able to fill the whole string. Work with yourself. When everything is in place, the thought pattern of the great mass will change radically. The heated old energies will be nothing more than bad memories. In small groups you meet to discuss both privately and in connection with work. You have begun to ask the important questions to give recognition to what is important. We see you now entering a time that fills you with love. Use this energy and open the heart chakra, purify yourself and others. Balance the body, eat the right food, add spiritual and physical energy to the body, do energy exercises, meditate, be here and now in everything you say and do. Use the time well.

In light and love

Archangel Michael.




The heart of me and my brothers and sisters is in sorrow. Violence begets violence and hate begets hate, can't you see that? A deed is repaid with a greater deed which in turn becomes black. An endless conflict of lost lives and grief. Mothers cry over their children on both sides of the line. People want to live their lives in peace, see their children grow, go to work and feel safe. What do you give each other? You build on thousands of years of hatred and violence. You were once brothers and sisters who went your separate ways in a conflict. You are siblings who fight. We suffer with you, but cannot choose a side. We cannot choose one brother or sister over the other. Put down the battle ax and look ahead. Do not look back and live in the same energy as thousands of years ago. Live the new energies in peace and harmony. Live together as the brothers and sisters you are. You are all one family. By what right do you call upon a righteous God? Do you think that God will choose sides, and choose one son over another son? What God do you believe in that believes that God will justify violence and pain? All war, hatred and violence are man-made energies based on dark energies.

We warned you against exactly these energies. Don't let dark forces take over your mind and soul. Bring in the light and spread the light. Darkness will unfold before light can penetrate.

To all light workers: Hold on to the light, spread it to all corners of the world, keep your courage up, surround yourself with the universal light every morning before you meet people. Keep up the courage, never give up.

Live in light and love

Archangel Michael


New events are on the steps of the world. New corruption scandals will unfold in the news worldwide. The time has now come to reveal those who are behind the scenes and pulling the strings. The world has never been as excited as it is now. The political stakes are high, and those you trust will be torn apart at the seams. Again only the shell will remain and their time of greatness will be over. Many revelations will come. The events are queued. In many countries, many corruption cases have already been uncovered, but more revelations will come. Secret documents, agreements and games for the facade. The revelations will lead to chaos, bewilderment and apathy, until someone makes decisions. Now is the time for the big change.

Several have infiltrated among you to resolve the conflicts. They will now emerge as good leaders, decisive and energetic. Don't be upset if the person you trusted wasn't who you thought. Don't be sad that you chose the wrong path. What is important is that you now see the truth and choose the right path. Several of the world's portals have now been opened, and help will come from many different quarters on earth. Our contacts work just as well in a small place as in a big city. They work equally well in the north, south, east and west of the world. That's why you shouldn't think that you won't experience any of ours where you live, because maybe your place is exactly where you'll find them.

Meditate to raise your contacts as often as possible. Open your mind to the universe and just take in. Set no guidelines or boundaries. Information is given where it should be given, and passed on when it should be passed on. Keep calm and send as much light as you can to mother earth and all her inhabitants.

We are sending you this message so that you can avoid panic and shock experiences. Now you are prepared for things to happen around you that have not stood the light of day, but will now be revealed.

Vi vil vise dere vei og vil alltid være med dere.

I lys og kjærlighet

Erkeengelen Mikael




"Strifes end without profit. One reaps as one sows, and now the harvest is here to reap the crop one has sown.

The harvest is the outcome of what was sown."

Disputes continue, but will soon reach their peak. The outcome is not written in sand. Much can change in the period ahead. The changes happen when people change their thoughts and their energies. The outcome will be as the energy is sown. You reap what you sow, also the energies you send out, you get them back in abundance.

Don't be intimidated by words, but by action. Don't let nice words blind you, and don't let hateful words blind you. See the actions for what they are, nothing more. Do not predict an outcome that has not been given, because when you predict an outcome from your thoughts, you send energy to this outcome. Keep calm and do not let panic or curiosity dominate your thoughts and therefore your actions. When your energies collide with the energies of the universe, the result will change and it will take longer to get back on track. Do not meddle in that which you cannot see the end of, and therefore cannot know what is right or wrong. Do not divine in a sphere that is not clear and clean. Send out loving energy for the good of all regardless of party in a dispute or conflict. Everything has a beginning and everything has an end, therefore everything will have a higher meaning. As a human being, it is difficult to see this higher meaning, and everyone wants justice for himself and his people. Don't let hate judge and be what you reap. Send light and love and forgive your brother who does not know what he is doing and the light and love will prevail.

Anyone reading this will see the higher meaning behind it, whether it is in your private sphere, the place where you live, or the part of the world you live in.

Our prayer this time is:

"open your heart to love and send light and love to everyone where you live and to mother earth. Let the light shine through the darkness and displace it so that the world lights up in eternal light".

Train your thoughts and train your mind to hear the voice of the universe. Let the universe speak its words to you. Be in the moment, feel your body and your internal organs. Feel your body grounded in the heart of mother earth. Feel your mind and thoughts reach out into the universe and capture the light and love. Feel the wind, the sun, the rain and the rustle of the trees. Become one with yourself and the universe. Practice letting time stand still for no more than a second, and just be. Connect with yourself and the universe through presence and meditation. Draw in mother earth through the legs, up through the calves, knees, thighs, buttocks and abdomen, through the spine, neck and out into the universe as a light string connecting you to the universe. Breathe in light and love and breathe out all thoughts, tension, pain and negative energies  from the crown chakra down to the earth chakra. This will help you on your path to higher development, to calm the mind and send out light and love. Show the way for others and illuminate the path they should follow. Fill every cell and part of the body with light and love.

In light and love

Archangel Michael






This is the archangel Michael: -before the year is over, many of the earth's resources will be lost due to natural disasters. You will experience drought, heat waves, fires and typhoons, extreme cold, landslides and floods. No part of the world will be spared, disasters will hit large parts of the earth. Vital life forms will be lost and create black seas. This has ripple effects to other life forms that ring in water, until it reaches you humans. World leaders - turn around, think people not money!

Each individual must work on himself. Think about life, put your lofty thoughts aside and see yourself from the outside. Everything has a cause and an effect. All your illnesses and ailments have a cause, be it lifestyle, environment, thought pattern, lifestyle, diet and so on. What you surround yourself with, you will attract more of which will in turn give rise to the body, whether it is physical or psychological. To get well, in many cases a complete turnaround is needed, you have to change course and find new ways to walk. Perhaps it could be your lifestyle, habits, job or environment that needs to change. You yourself know what is difficult in life. Sometimes there are unconscious causes that give you illnesses and pain. If you injure yourself, the injury can often occur at a point of the body that needs a change, a balancing or a release. An injury or pain in a foot may indicate that you need to take it easy and spend time working on yourself. The pain or injury slows down life. It may also be that you need a balance in your feminine or masculine side.

Where are your thoughts? Are you forgetful, or feel confused. You are not alone. During this time you will experience more forgetfulness and a sense of confusion. Thoughts like; - did I not put  that one...did I just dream this...did I do that, if so when...You find yourself in a state where you don't know if things are reality or a dream. The energies of this time change, these cause forgetfulness and confusion. Dreams will become stronger and experienced as real, and a sense of being in a parallel world will feel completely real. You will explain this as a dream, but a small tinge of uncertainty will linger with you. For your dreams and your journeys in parallel worlds are no dream but reality. Your soul can travel in different dimensions and give you different experiences that feel real-unreal at the same time. This feeling will come more often and stronger in the future, and more of you will experience this. Both those of you who have chosen the spiritual path and those of you who do not believe in anything. The latter group will in future have stronger experiences than the rest of you, precisely so that they can wake up and see the world with new eyes. Many veils will be dissolved and more people will see these veils for what they are. Remember that negative thoughts attract negative experiences and positive thoughts attract positive experiences. Therefore, two people will have different experiences of the same matter. Your perspective and your attitudes will be decisive for whether you have a positive life or a negative life. You can change your thoughts, attitudes and the environment you are part of for the best for yourself. You are an independent individual and can therefore make final decisions for yourself and your future. You can therefore turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts and thus turn negative experiences into positive experiences. Thank the universe for the pains and injuries you come across, because these help you turn your life around, or change parts of your life. Nothing is in vain if you manage to see behind the cause, everything happens for a reason, even if it can be difficult to trace immediately. Analyze yourself to understand yourself better, listen to your dreams, which are more real than you think, and allow yourself to travel between parallel dimensions.

Life is a lesson that never stops. New energies will come and once again change your perspectives. When you are changing, more people will also be in the same change, whole societies change, countries change and the world changes, albeit at different paces, but the change is there. Accept changes in yourself and accept new energies, because your changes will help change systems, change thoughts about nature, change the earth. You are a creative energy, who creates every day both on a small and on a large scale. Do not stop creation, but perfect it every day.

A prediction is only a prediction until it is fulfilled. Therefore, it is not too late to turn around for all you leaders who can make decisions. See the disasters facing the world and take the first step to change course. You are an individual on an equal footing with everyone else, with or without power and position. Your changes, attitudes and thoughts play out in the society you are in and have ripple effects out into the world. Accept the new energy, integrate it into yourself, work with yourself and create wonders every day.

In light and love Archangel Michael.




Appeal from Archangels Michael and Gabriel

.As we have told before, people will now rise up and question their leaders. Where is the conflict, and who benefits from it. Be aware that all war and discord in the world is always due to money, power and resources. Any leader who talks about uniting the people and giving power to the people is saying this to  keep the people in check. Soon this play will unfold, and then the changes will play out somewhat differently from where you are in the world. See the changes in the next six months, which may seem chaotic, as the beginning of the changes.

A bigger game is underway, the battle for space. You probably know that there are tons of human garbage floating in space, left over from countless expeditions. The struggle to be the first in space, the struggle to be the first to the moon, to Mars, to send satellites and probes, to conquer a planet and populate it. History repeats itself. In the old world, travelers visited the earth and populated it with you humans. They seized power and enslaved you. Now you are the predator hunting game in space. You say you have peaceful intentions, but are not going to accept that other inhabitants have other cultures, looks and outlook on life, just like it was with those in ancient times who were occupied from outer space.

You compete to be the first, the biggest, the most powerful, at any cost to nature and human life. This race must now come to an end, for their own sake, for mother earth and for the innocent victims.

Each of you should use the time ahead for reflection, for reflection on what you need and what you don't need.

In light and love

Archangel Michael

We ask you to look around, in all this chaos there is love. Bring love back into your life, open yourself to the light and let it shine through you. You don't need to be a magician or omniscient, all you need is trust and belief that miracles do happen. And miracles happen every day, both small and large miracles. Let what happens in your life matter. Don't let a day go by without you remembering yesterday. Live life every day as if life could end, because then you will begin to see all the wonderful things you have in life, around you and in you. Open your eyes and see that even the smallest insignificant thing led to a great event. See that nothing is random, but is a carefully woven pattern in all shades, which is called life. See that you are making a difference in your life, and you can therefore make the changes you want. Live life to the fullest every day, don't put off what you can do today for another day, because it has its own meaning and content. Don't use indifference as an excuse for getting down the wrong path. Change direction, it's never too late to turn around. Use your inner strength and stand up for yourself, and fight for yourself, fight in love. Never let others suffer for your choices or your actions. See that you are one people with one goal, no matter where you come from.

We are with you, with loving wishes

Archangel Gabriel




Self-assertion and justification of one's own actions characterizes today's situation. Every war chief justifies his feats and conquests without regard for casualties or human life lost. What have they conquered? Human lives have been lost on both sides in the conflict. Buildings, entire cities, landscapes, animals and resources have been destroyed, so where is the conquest? We've said it before and we'll say it again, no one wins a war, everyone is a loser. Nevertheless, there are armed conflicts in several places on mother earth, and the losses are great everywhere. Love your neighbor, but love your enemy more. See all sides in a dispute, show understanding and come together in agreement. Unfortunately, we see that you cannot meet in peace yet, These energies that we see unfolding on mother earth, will continue for some time to come until you come to your senses. You must oppose these inhuman forces that manipulate you into battle. Man has nothing to gain from strife and war. A few earn money, and are unable to see other values, or the value in a human being. They only love themselves and their money. 

The time is approaching for the great showdown that puts these people out of business.  Gives power back to the people, and justice. Sadly, young people will lose their lives in this cleansing of the energies. Senseless losses on all sides. 

In the technological world, inventions will emerge that are more intelligent than a human. This artificial intelligence has no heart or any other emotion spectrum.  Be careful. The world has in previous times experienced this before, where artificial intelligence, with a human-like appearance, has taken over the world and been treated as Gods. Don't let history repeat itself. More technological innovations will appear that are for the good of humanity, but always be on the lookout for those who want to develop the technology for their own gain, for war and injustice. Therefore, be open, but critical. 

Dear you! We see that you are increasing in energy level, and more and more people are following along. For those of you who have never believed in anything, are now opening up to energies and the light and love of the universe. We are pleased to see that so many people are watching. It will ease the energy level of mother earth, and the strife that we are witnessing will die out. The future is brighter than it might seem. We see that you will reach your goal within a few years. More and more leaders are beginning to see the value of nature and people. They are willing to put away the hatchet in favor of peaceful negotiations and agreement. Those who have been the strictest will eventually be replaced by younger and innovative leaders. We see that you live under stress and difficult conditions, even if these differ from country to country. Send positive energies to clear up the negative difficult energies that prevail in many places on mother earth. Elections are approaching in several places on earth. Don't be surprised if the result isn't what any of you might have imagined. New leaders are on the way, who have not yet been revealed. Time will change. 

The most observant of you will be able to see activity in the night sky. More such activities will appear in more places of mother earth. Don't get anxious. Our delegation monitors mother earth and developments here. The results are used to calculate the probability of various outcomes on mother earth. This way we can predict the events that will come and send out warnings to you on mother earth if necessary. We are vigilant and will not allow any kind of atomic use. Our delegation also keeps a close watch on climate change, and sends a message to those of their leaders with whom we are in contact. Our delegation operates in many places and in many forms. Therefore, do not be surprised if you are selected as our spokesperson. We choose those of you who we see best able to bring our vision of a better world to light. Always with the best for mother earth and all her inhabitants in mind. 

In light and love

Archangel Michael. 



Dear people, time progresses and you with it. Many people are now experiencing an increase in their energies. The senses are adjusted, and it may feel as if the sight and hearing are impaired for a period. The energy level varies from day to day, and many people experience pain in the body. Don't worry, when this process is over your senses will be sharpened and the pain gone. The energy will return, and you will feel younger and fresher than in a long time. 

Take care of yourself during this time, don't do anything rash, and listen to your body. You may also find that you need more and longer rest than before. This is all part of the process. 

The portals to other dimensions are now slowly but surely opening. More cultures will now see and use these portals as they did in earlier times, because they have knowledge of this that has been passed down for generations after generations. Several unexplained disappearances will occur, where the people appear in a state of disarray. Do not go looking for these portals because you will not find them, nor will you be able to open them. The portals open from the other side. 

More and more measures will be taken around the world. Leading politicians tighten  and control the people more and more. Constantly new rules must be followed and injustice and frustration among the people will rise. This will lead to riots in some places, while in other places it will lead to demonstrations. In any case, it is important that you react to these unfair rules and the grip with which the authorities want to keep you in check. 

The economic situation will still be difficult for each of you, but after the great crash in the world economy has stabilized you will see better times. Hold out!

You are now very close to the end of the period you are living in right now, and are right on the threshold of a new era. In this transition phase, a lot will happen in many places in the world, but also if you raise your eyes to outer space. Both you humans are planning big projects in space travel, but other planets will also be active. When the portals open, more will come through the dimensions to you. There are many of you who will eventually be able to see the dimensions, and move into other dimensions, but it is still the case that not all dimensions are accessible. The reason for this is that several of the dimensions have such a low density that you cannot live there, and many of these dimensions will not be safe for you. Many of you will not feel the big change, not because nothing happens to you, but because you do not focus on your own life and your development. After several years, you will discover that you have changed, but do not know why. If, on the other hand, you follow along in your life, you will notice all the changes you go through, both physiologically and mentally. Thoughts and lifestyle change for some consciously and for others unconsciously. 

Accept the new energies and let yourself flow with them. Let the energies flow in you and let them take you into the new. Enjoy the changes that will feel like a relief in body and soul. Put old energies behind you and don't think about why things happen, just go with the flow. The energies are a gift that will free you from thousands of years of slavery, misconception and distorted truths. The new energy will fill you with love, gentleness and empathy. The harsh warlike energies will not be able to find a place in the new age.

Live in the present, continue to work on yourself, and fill yourself with bright energies.

Stop and think about your own reactions, where they come from and what you can do about them. Your old energies are part of the old collective energy level. When the energies are raised, there is no room for these reaction patterns based on the old energies. You are the master of your own life, and must therefore make the difficult choices yourself. Carry all sorrows on your shoulders or free yourself from them and move on with your life. Regardless of what others have done to you, it is your choice whether you want to carry these energies with you, or get rid of them and live in the light.

In light and love Archangel Michael.




Nothing you see is real. You think you see or you are told things so you think you see, but what are you really seeing. Veils in front of the eyes give you exactly the vision you want to see. I want to tell a story: A lady lost herself on the road and only saw what she thought she saw. One day she woke up from the "strange world" she had been in for many years, and looked around. Everything was foreign, everything was new and she had to familiarize herself in her own house all over again. The woman had been in a mental state for many years, where confusion and distortion of the truth was her daily life. The woman thought she saw and experienced what she saw, while the others around her saw and experienced a completely different truth.  Reality is therefore not always what you see.

You are now in an awakening process, where your truth is suddenly completely different from the one you have lived with for many years. Like the woman, you too will find this confusing. It's like waking up from a long sleep and not knowing where you are, or knowing your surroundings. Such an awakening can therefore be experienced as frightening for some, while others experience it in wonder.

When you now wake up and realize that you have been living in "another world" for many years, the awakening will feel liberating. You will discover who you are and what your meaning is here on earth. You will discover that you have a goal, and resume that goal. You will be able to see and hear in a completely different way, and your perception of others and the world around you will change. The collective awakening will be the first step to a completely different world. 

The world is changing. The climate is changing greatly and creating imbalances in several places on earth. It rains where it is dry, and it is dry where it rains. It's cold where it's hot, and it's hot where it's cold. The world economy is at a critical point that will collapse. Migration around the world will escalate. The world will see a new era. But out of this chaos man rises like the Phoenix bird. 

There is therefore no reason to panic or act rashly. Take it easy and take the day as it comes. Live in the moment and don't let yourself be ruled or controlled by the mass that creates panic. Send light and love to mother earth and all her inhabitants. 

We now greet you with this small reminder that the earth is changing as we have said. The economy will be difficult and you will experience crises, but as we have also said, this change will be part of your awakening, and your opportunity to create a better world. A world where you can live in harmony and in interaction with each other and nature. A new time will come again. Live well and know that everything happens as it should.

In light and love

Archangel Michael






These days there are several of you who have many questions about life, about the universe and about your own existence on earth. You are constantly doubting what the meaning is when so many fight, fight and commit evil acts. Why has humanity turned into predators, worse than the worst predators. Many people ask themselves whether this is the way it should be, and whether this is the way it will continue in the future. The answer to that is that you have your own choices, and you must choose a better life yourself. The collective field will always work faster with energies than individual persons in solitude. Stand together to change the world, and the world will be changed. We now see that because more people are starting to ask questions, the collective energy has changed into an increasingly massive energy that will work for peace, equality and justice. 

Going forward, you will have to rise up together to make the big changes. More and more people will join those who start the changes, who dare to come forward with their own opinions and tell the masses what is wrong. When the masses are united, the dictatorship will fall. 

There will be changes, some of which may seem frightening, any change will require innocent victims. We look at this with sadness. But know that these souls have chosen this exact exit, and have this as their soul agreement. They will show the rest the way in the dark. 

The choices you make also affect many other aspects of your life. Not only that which deals with war and peace, but also that which deals with the other inhabitants of the earth. Wildlife, insects, fish and birds. Your voice and life are not heard when you humans rush forward with big machines, weapons and destruction. Also see the great interaction you all have in nature. No one is redundant and no one is indispensable. When a species becomes extinct, it affects other species. The imbalance in nature will increase with increasing vandalism in nature. This also creates an imbalance in weather conditions. Going forward, as previously mentioned, you will experience more natural disasters. Large parts of the world will experience flooding, more earthquakes will occur and the danger of landslides is great. The tectonic plates in the earth's crust are now so unstable that several quiet areas will experience disasters. In those areas where there have been frequent earthquakes in the past, these tremors will now increase in strength. In hot areas, it will burn more strongly than before. The world will see a great upheaval in the forces of nature. But despite this, you as humanity will rise up and see that the destruction that is happening on mother earth can be changed by changing the energies. The energies are their thoughts, actions and their morals. When morale is increased, the bright energy is increased. This is not to say that a moral police will be a good thing, nobody should have to be controlled. Everyone knows within themselves what is right and wrong. When you start controlling each other you have been attacked by dark forces that call upon power. 

 Several of you have restless energies at this time. Many people experience physical pain, discomfort and imbalance in the body. It can be the heart rate that suddenly increases, vision that gets worse, hearing that comes and goes. Many feel dizzy, nauseous and cannot put their finger on what is wrong. All these symptoms are energy changes in the body. We know that many of you have worked well on yourselves and your own energy, continue with that, even if the body is now taking its turn. Many of you see that different energies are unfolding, and several have to make a complete turnaround in their lives. These energies unfold for individuals and as part of a group. These energies must play out for changes to occur. Know that after a dark night comes a bright day. Keep your spirits up. 

All this may sound like doomsday, but you are already starting the processes. Many of the events that you now see are part of this change. Changes also occur in the universe among many planets in different solar systems. Everything is changing. 

There is nothing you can do about this, the changes will happen and must happen. Live your life as usual, but work with your own energies, and send light to mother earth and its inhabitants. 

I cannot leave you this time without reminding you that you all have an important role to play. You either have a role to play in developing yourself, or you are a co-player for others to wake up and develop. Whatever the role, it is important. But having said that, know that when the energies play out, someone has to change or the role you are playing will not be useful. Therefore, it is important that everyone goes inside themselves and works with their own energies, meets their own inner monster and takes in light and love. Acknowledge your own faults, and face your own fears. Ask for help, and help will come one way or another. We are with you all the way.

In light and love

Archangel Michael. 

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