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On this page, I post channels that are not included in the book "Heavenly Conversations in the New Age", and are not included in "The Road, Truth and Life". Small drips in everyday life.


Nothing you see is real. You think you see or you are told things so you think you see, but what are you really seeing. Veils in front of the eyes give you exactly the vision you want to see. I want to tell a story: A lady lost herself on the road and only saw what she thought she saw. One day she woke up from the "strange world" she had been in for many years, and looked around. Everything was foreign, everything was new and she had to familiarize herself in her own house all over again. The woman had been in a mental state for many years, where confusion and distortion of the truth was her daily life. The woman thought she saw and experienced what she saw, while the others around her saw and experienced a completely different truth. The reality is therefore not always what you see.

You are now in an awakening process, where your truth is suddenly completely different from the one you have lived with for many years. Like the woman, you too will find this confusing. It's like waking up from a long sleep and not knowing where you are, or knowing your surroundings. Such an awakening can therefore be experienced as frightening for some, while others experience it in wonder.

When you now wake up and realize that you have been living in "another world" for many years, the awakening will feel liberating. You will discover who you are and what your meaning is here on earth. You will discover that you have a goal, and resume that goal. You will be able to see and hear in a completely different way, and your perception of others and the world around you will change. The collective awakening will be the first step to a completely different world.

The world is changing. The climate is changing greatly and creating imbalances in several places on earth. It rains where it is dry, and it is dry where it rains. It's cold where it's hot, and it's hot where it's cold. The world economy is at a critical point that will collapse. Migration around the world will escalate. The world will see a new era. But man rises out of this chaos like the phoenix bird. There is therefore no reason to panic or act rashly. Take it easy and take the day as it comes. Live in the moment and don't let yourself be ruled or controlled by the mass that creates panic. Send light and love to mother earth and all her inhabitants. We now greet you with this small reminder that the earth is changing as we have said. The economy will be difficult and you will experience crises, but as we have also said, this change will be part of your awakening, and your opportunity to create a better world. A world where you can live in harmony and in interaction with each other and nature. A new time will come again. Live well and know that everything happens as it should.


In light and love

Archangel Michael










These days there are several of you who have many questions about life, about the universe and about your own existence on earth. You are constantly doubting what the meaning is when so many fight, fight and commit evil acts. Why has humanity turned into predators, worse than the worst predators. Many are asking themselves whether this is the way it should be, and whether this is the way it will continue in the future. The answer to that is that you have your own choices, and you must choose a better life yourself. The collective field will always work faster with energies than individual persons in solitude. Stand together to change the world, and the world will be changed. We now see that since more people are starting to ask questions, the collective energy has changed into an increasingly massive energy that will work for peace, equality and justice. 

Going forward, you will have to rise up together to make the big changes. Several people will join those who start the changes, who dare to come forward with their own opinions and tell the masses what is wrong. When the masses are united, the dictatorship will fall. 

There will be changes, some of which may seem frightening, any change will require innocent victims. We look at this with sadness. But know that these souls have chosen this exact exit, and have this as their soul agreement. They will show the rest the way in the darkness. 

The choices you make also affect many other aspects of your life. Not only that which deals with war and peace, but also that which deals with the other inhabitants of the earth. Wildlife, insects, fish and birds. Your voice and life are not heard when you humans rush forward with big machines, weapons and destruction. Also see the great interaction you all have in nature. No one is redundant and no one is indispensable. When a species becomes extinct, it affects other species. The imbalance in nature will increase with increasing vandalism in nature. This also creates an imbalance in weather conditions. Going forward, as previously mentioned, you will experience more natural disasters. Large parts of the world will experience flooding, more earthquakes will occur and the danger of landslides is great. The tectonic plates in the earth's crust are now so unstable that several quiet areas will experience disasters. In those areas where there have been frequent earthquakes in the past, these tremors will now increase in strength. In hot areas, it will burn more strongly than before. The world will see a great upheaval in the forces of nature. But despite this, you as humanity will rise up and see that the destruction that is happening on mother earth can be changed by changing the energies. The energies are your thoughts, actions and your morals. When morale is increased, the bright energy is increased. This is not to say that a moral police will be a good thing, nobody should have to be controlled. Everyone knows within themselves what is right and wrong. When you start controlling each other you have been attacked by dark forces that call upon power. 

 Several of you have restless energies at this time. Many people experience physical pain, discomfort and imbalance in the body. It can be the heart rate that suddenly increases, vision that gets worse, hearing that comes and goes. Many feel dizzy, nauseous and cannot put their finger on what is wrong. All these symptoms are energy changes in the body. We know that many of you have worked well on yourselves and your own energy, continue with that, even if the body is now taking its turn. Many of you see that different energies are unfolding, and several have to make a complete turnaround in their lives. These energies unfold for individuals and as part of a group. These energies must play out for changes to occur. Know that after a dark night comes a bright day. Keep your spirits up. 

All this may sound like doomsday, but you are already starting the processes. Many of the events that you now see are part of this change. Changes also occur in the universe among many planets in different solar systems. Everything is changing. 

There is nothing you can do about this, the changes will happen and must happen. Live your life as usual, but work with your own energies, and send light to mother earth and its inhabitants. 

I cannot leave you this time without reminding you that you all have an important role to play. You either have a role to play in developing yourself, or you are a partner in helping others wake up and develop. Whatever the role, it is important. But having said that, know that when the energies unfold, someone has to change or the role you are playing will not be useful. Therefore, it is important that everyone goes inside themselves and works with their own energies, meets their own inner monster and takes in light and love. Acknowledge your own faults, and face your own fears. Ask for help, and help will come one way or another. We are with you all the way.

In light and love

Archangel Michael. 

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