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On this page, I post channels that are not included in the book "Heavenly Conversations in the New Age", and are not included in "The Road, Truth and Life". Small drips in everyday life.


It is always just as nice to wish you all a very happy new year. A year of new opportunities, but also a year of new challenges. A year that for many will be an exciting and new year in many ways. New energies will enter the earth with the challenges that new energies can bring, good and bad. It is always the case that some will be affected by new energies in ways that others will not be, this all depends on where in the process you are in your development when the energies occur. But don't be anxious because new energies will always give new insights into yourself, into others and into life. 

Know well what you have learned in the past year. What events occurred that caused you to change course, and what made you turn around? You can always say that it was coincidence, but perhaps it was also decided in advance that your paths would cross other people's paths. When the time is right, the student will meet his teacher. It is not always a person in physical form, but a metaphor that you are ready to change your life.

This year will be exciting in many ways. During the year, you will discover new aspects of yourself and others. Your perception of the world around you will change. You'll come together in a way you've never done before, and you'll fight with each other in a way you've never done before. 

The power you have allowed a few to wield is changing. You will stand side by side and fight a common cause for the world. We will come to you and help you create a just world. 

You might want to hear about what the year will bring? An event will not be uniform for all of you. Some will have insight beyond what others have and will therefore deal with the energies in a different way. When you have the energies in place, you will see that there is a greater meaning behind what happens and that everything happens for a reason. These are not coincidences, but at the same time you humans have your own will and your own judgement. You can use this will and power for good or evil. You choose in your life, but remember that your choices will always affect the lives of others. Therefore, think carefully about the choices you make. Some of you give up and whiz through life in self-pity. You don't realize that you waste a lifetime feeling sorry for yourself, and drowning in sorrows. Stand up and take responsibility for your life. 

The new energies that come will force you to meet yourself at the door. You will have to change course in order to continue your life on earth as you humans are meant to live. You are not meant to live in war, terror and fear. You are not meant to be led by domineering people with dark energies, who only see themselves and their needs. You humans are not meant to suffer through life. The time of suffering is over. This year you will remember as the year you rose from the sand and woke up from sleep. 

I cannot reveal to you concrete events for what lies ahead, because it must come as a surprise, otherwise you will set all defense mechanisms in motion. You will misunderstand our intentions and you will destroy what we want to build. It may seem frightening when we arrive, but know that we do not wish you any harm. We come in peace to help you. Mother Earth needs help, and we want to help her. 

In the future, you will wake up with dreams you have not dreamed before. Living, real dreams. Dreams in your world are not always what you think when you wake up. Your soul is out on soul journeys in time and space. You experience other dimensions and other times. Therefore, you will experience that what you dream that seems real are actually events that have occurred in another dimension. Sometimes you will travel in time and therefore you will predict events ahead in time. Pay attention to your dreams, because they can become reality. 

In the future, you will experience pain in your body, lack of energy and difficulties in doing what you have always done. Slow down and let your body get the rest it needs. The body needs to recharge the batteries and gather energies. The new energies will affect you, they will be strong and can cause pain and loss of energy.  Do not be anxious, you are not sick. If you feel better about seeing a doctor, then do so, but know that it is not certain that your doctor can find a cause for the pain. Allow your body to calm down and work through the pain. Some of you may not experience these pains as more than a little discomfort that passes quickly. Regardless of how you react, your body will go through a cleansing process. The new energies will eventually pay off and you will wake up one day feeling strong and full of energy. 

It will indeed be an exciting year. Financially speaking, this year will bring new challenges. Over time, the world's economy has been out of balance, creating difficulties in several countries. This economic crisis will escalate this year, but this is necessary to create changes for the better for all of you. We will follow up on the advice we have given earlier by ensuring a small emergency stock of water and food at home.  Events will appear that will isolate you for a short period. Don't be anxious, you've been through home isolation before and you'll make it this time too. As we have predicted in previous years, the climate is changing greatly. This year will be no exception when it comes to unpredictable weather. The imbalance in mother earth will continue.

We have faith that the new energies will change the course for you humans and for mother earth. We look forward to this year with joy, and you should too. We look forward to working with you in this year, when a new time and a new era are upon us. 

In light and love

Archangel Michael. 








Changes in the living situation do not mean a deterioration of the living situation. Humans are creatures of habit and cling to old habits good and bad. Every change, big or small, will therefore be received with fear and reluctance. This change you are now facing will not be an exception. Fear in some people can create a lot of fear in the population. The military takes up arms and stirs up the people. Don't be anxious. Any change sends you into the future, the energies will change and you will end up with a strange feeling that you feared the future. You look back and discover that after the change you are better off than before. Learn from the past and look forward to the future.

The situation today is tense in many countries on mother earth. Disputes, human flight and death are commonplace in many countries. Many of the tense situations will unfortunately continue in many countries, while in other countries the situation will reverse. People will get up and reach for flour. The fog they have been living in will lift and they see that they can take back power from the terrorists. You will see that more people will stand up, stand for the truth and eventually overthrow the ruling authorities.  These riots are necessary for the awakening.

In a few months you will see a change you did not think possible. More ships are on their way to you and will soon enter your atmosphere. Lights and vessels will be able to be observed in several places on the earth. Don't be afraid. These come with peaceful intentions. But authorities will get scared and mobilize military forces on these vessels. We are prepared this time and are aware of people's fear of the unknown. Our ships cannot be destroyed by human weapons, rockets and missiles. 

Communication will for a period be affected by the high energy frequencies we bring with us. There can therefore be a lot of disruption to your telephone and internet lines. Electric cars will also be affected by this energy. We will try to prevent this as much as possible, but there will still be disruptions. 

So back to the changes themselves, you are probably wondering what they entail. We will come down to help you create peace and harmony. Our forces will install new leaders where dictators and terrorists have ruled before. The world will experience a global economic and environmental crisis. We will help you out of this and more of you will be taken on board our ships. When the times are right you will return to a new and better mother earth. 

You are now facing a holiday in many countries. The Christmas season always brings with it new energies that soften people and give them empathy and humanity. Show your neighbor love, and help your neighbor who has less than yourself. The Christmas energy brings with it faith and hope. Feel this faith and hope in your heart and you will be a co-creator of this energy. Go to your work with loving thoughts and loving actions and spread this loving energy among the people with whom you interact. Use the techniques you have worked on this year to lift yourself up and to forgive, release old energies and fill yourself with light. To love others you must first love yourself, so always work on yourself. Help yourself and those around you to get clean water and food in times of need. During a period of chaos, you will experience that the economic situation in the world will collapse and some foodstuffs may become difficult to produce. 

This year we are happy to see that you do not indulge in expensive gifts and unnecessary things like in previous years. Several of you have changed this energy consumption and buy less and manage with less than before. Many of you now know more than before about peace and what is important. Old stressful energies are about to dissolve, where new and calm energies can prevail. We've said this before and we'll gladly say it again. Follow the young people and learn from them. They hold the future.

In light and love

Archangel Michael


The world may look chaotic to you, but in everything that happens there is a system. For the new age to be a truth, there must be changes. The changes can not only happen out in the world among leaders, but it must also happen in you people. A collective change is needed for the entire system to change. When you change you will protest old laws and rules that have kept you trapped in a lower energy. When you vibrate with a higher energy you will not be able to either live in or allow the old energy to continue. Disputes between countries are not resolved by war, it never has been in the past and it will not be done in the future either. You change and will now see that it is absurd to make war. Your energy level is getting higher and higher and therefore war will be prehistoric for most of you. When you fight it is because old energies are allowed to play out, and the darkness uses its last card in its hand. 

Take a deep breath and feel within yourself if you have feelings such as anger or hatred. These are not feelings that belong to the new age. Go inside yourself and work with the energies of your own universe. In every human being there is a cosmos of life and energies. A change in the world must first come from within each one of you in order for you to be able to open up to other energies. When you can expand from the inside out you are ready to receive higher energies. 

When you enter a new energy where you feel that this is harmony, joy, love and you feel that this is really life. This is how you want it to be forever, and you want to be in this energy forever. Notice that when you come back into your daily life, the energies you have received will become less and less until you are back in the old energies you had before you entered the harmonic energies. You may be wondering why. The answer is quite simple. You went in and experienced the energies as a guest, you sort of borrowed the energies for a while, but you cannot sustain these energies without integrating them into yourself. 

Going into higher energies as a guest is a great way to wake up and learn about these energies, and learn methods to be able to work with these energies yourself. You should not use these energies as a medicine when your life is too difficult and then go back to your old life without making any changes. You cannot abuse the energies and use them against others. Everything you do in the new energies must come from the heart in light and love. You cannot manipulate others or intervene in someone's life without permission.  You can help the sick by healing them and sending them light and love. You should not go into another person to change their energy without asking for help. The energies must come from within and be learned by each individual. All the good you experienced in the good harmonic energies disappeared because you had not understood the energies. You received these without understanding why you felt better. This means that you now have to work with your own energies, be honest with yourself and learn from your mistakes. You need to analyze yourself from the outside and understand why you live in difficult energies. You have to make the choice to make changes in your life and dissolve old energies. You have to understand for yourself that hate begets hate and that you have to recognize for yourself what makes you feel angry. You must find cause and effect yourself and then release these energies and replace these old energies with understanding, realization, light and love.

Galloghen from Andromeda

We look with sorrow at the destruction and the wars that are taking place on earth. Large-scale slave trade is carried out in several places on earth. People are trapped and cannot get out of the situation they are in. Their power has been taken from them, and they are living on borrowed time. They are at the mercy of their masters who guard them day and night. These ancient dark energies live and simmer in secret. In the eyes of the public, everything is presented as perfect. Slaves stand up and praise their master for getting help with work and food for the family. These slaves have no choice but to lie to keep their lives, not only for themselves, but also for their families. We see that you need help to get out of this. To see,  and to deal with the darkness. Our ships are getting closer to Earth, we are on our way to you with help. Energize workers on mother earth, hold the light and spread the light beyond mother earth. Let the light reach everyone who needs it. Most Reverend Galloghen.

Dear people, never let darkness infiltrate you. Do not let one man's wrongdoings harm the innocent. Do not think that everyone in a war wants this war or agrees with this war. Be careful not to generalize, so that the innocent must suffer for the actions of another. Open your heart, forgive those who don't understand and send love to everyone. Open your heart to find balance and harmony. 

When your energies seethe with hatred, this energy will eat into the energy of others and you spread this energy. More and more people will hate and more wars will arise.

You shall not take sides with anyone in a war. Keep your energies clean and send love. Help others understand that hate breeds more hate. See that the earth is being cleansed and the darkness Galloghen told you about is now coming to the surface. The energies of darkness are soon on the retreat, hang in there dear friends.

In light and love

Archangel Micah






It is now that you begin to see what we have previously told you. Revelations and liberations of people who resent you on your behalf, riots and convulsive attempts at power, and more will come.

We can see shock, grief, disbelief and resentment in their eyes when the revelations come, but know that it is necessary to free those who suffer. 

Our forces are moving ever closer to earth, and we keep a strict watch on the unrest that is unfolding on mother earth at all times. We will not allow any kind of nuclear war, so don't be anxious. The war in Eastern Europe is now beginning a new phase. Opposition within the countries and in the world at large will prevent the leaders from using people as pawns. Larger actions will be put into effect, but with a completely different outcome than what the athletes had envisioned. 

Continue to work with the energies of mother earth. There are still too many people who know nothing but resentment and hatred in their hearts. Send light and love to all corners of the world. Although more and more people are waking up and feeling the energies around them, there are still too many who have never realized that what they feel and see are energies and their effects. They allow themselves to be captured by the energies and do not get out of this loop until they realize that they are little hamsters in a hamster wheel. Also send these people light and love so that the veil before their eyes falls. 


The world picture is more uncertain than ever. Many feel this uncertainty about the future and what lies ahead. But don't lose faith! A wonderful future lies before you, although many of you will not experience this future on earth, your descendants will. Therefore, work so that your descendants take over a beautiful globe. Others of you will enter this future with joy and love in your hearts. Preparations have been put in place so that you can enter the energy of the future as quickly as possible. More veils will disappear, and with each veil that falls you will see clearer and clearer. You will be surprised that you were previously so convinced that you were doing the right thing. This is how it will always feel when old veils fall and you see more clearly. This is energy change in the collective. We send this message to several channels for the collective consciousness to change to the new age. We are going to send energies down to mother earth that raise awareness and help the collective energy increase. We are working hard to get this ancient energy that creates war and power struggles to fall. We have previously said that there will be a final convulsive attempt by the dark to keep the dark energy on earth. Behind every war lies a hidden agenda. Someone you don't see or know. Their leaders also do not know this agenda and are therefore puppets in the clutches of those who really decide on mother earth. 

We send thanks to all of you who work for the light and the change of energies on mother earth. You are important in this work for the future. You will also go ahead and help others to increase their energies. Until the energies change, you will have to think in new ways, both when it comes to food resources and finances, but also what other choices you make and the values you want to value. Big changes will therefore be on the way, but know that these are good changes for mother earth and her resources. In order to change the energies on mother earth, old indoctrinated energies must also be changed. This will affect those of you who are dependent on these old energies and need to let them go, while for others this will not be a problem. Be creative and see solutions, not obstacles. 

Know that we are with you all the way.

In light and love

Archangel Michael. 

This is Galloghen from Andromeda.

We are moving ever closer to Earth. We are sending out this message so that you can prepare and not be anxious about our arrival.


Times have not changed as much as you think, everything goes in cycles, but it has been several hundred years since you were in the same cycle as today. Therefore, everything you now experience in nature will seem frightening and disturbing. In addition, you will have other natural challenges caused by pollution, which did not exist before. Environmental toxins and emissions will weaken nature, create an imbalance and it will also create diseases and congenital disorders in both animals and you humans. This is the real disaster.

Snow melting in the glaciers and massive rainfall will lead to more floods and inundations in the coming years. This is an unavoidable process due to the weather. 

In earlier times and with some tribes in the present, changing the weather will be an old teaching passed down from generation to generation. In their modern world, such a thought would be completely unthinkable, but it is a method that has worked for thousands of years. 

With the power of thought, you can help change the weather. By asking for help from the universe, you can change the weather. The weather is also changed today, but with the help of technological tools. This change creates an imbalance in nature where some experience extreme storms while others experience extreme heat and drought. The change creates a need for food and heat, which in turn gives financial gain to those who can supply this need. Everything then boils down to an economic management of deliveries. 

In the future, such management of the economy and the weather and deliveries can get completely out of control, and someone will be held responsible for the disasters this will cause. You humans have the power of thought and are therefore all goods, but when someone plays their part on the dark side, and not for the benefit and benefit of all humans, this will have consequences. Regrettably, these consequences will first affect the innocent. Take comfort in the fact that all will be revealed.

Therefore, use your power to change the weather for the benefit of others besides yourself and for the benefit of many. 

Times are changing and therefore the new thoughts will become more and more established in the people. Many of the traditions you have had will be put aside in favor of other thoughts. If you look back to the past and history, you will see that you do not have the same values and traditions as a hundred years ago. It is therefore inevitable that traditions do not change and new ones are created. This is what creates new times. And you are now in the new age. You will also change your thoughts about food and the value of the food you eat. Due to pollution and environmental toxins, much of the food you eat today will not be edible in ten years. You therefore have to find other food ways.  

The future requires not only difficulties for you and changes in thoughts and minds. You will experience a joy over everything that lives, respect and charity will grow. You will be united in peaceful thoughts and it will not be possible for a leader to incite war. The future will therefore be bright. but until that happens, darkness will play out its last desperate attempt to take over the world's rule. 


In the present, it is important that you all take responsibility for the disaster you see around you, both man-made and natural. Many people are suffering due to extremely high rainfall and flooding in areas where this much rainfall has not been common before. It is the weak with few resources who suffer the most. Stand up for each other, create a new trend where empathy and charity must prevail. Help your neighbor when you can. All the help you give others will at the same time create bright, positive energies that will spread. Change the negative dark energy that dominates the world and turn it into a bright and positive energy. 

You have all the tools you need to change yourself, use them and create a new future for yourself. A collective change will create new collective energies. 

Food shortages will result in increased prices, damage to energy plants will result in increased prices, difficult conditions for delivering goods will result in increased prices. You will feel the economic crisis everywhere in one way or another. You must therefore change your need for prosperity and change your needs. 

Be prepared for bad times. some time ahead, but know that the future will be bright and peaceful in the future. 

We have previously mentioned that there will be a new type of refugees in the world, not only from war and strife, but people will flee from want and hunger. Welcome those who come, who flee from natural disasters and who need help to create a new future for themselves.

Right now, new leaders are being created who will take over and help create a new future. Look to the east!

In light and love

Archangel Michael.



Several of you have now noticed changes in the weather, where there has been extreme drought or extremely high rainfall in the world. You have noticed changes, where Western countries and great powers are heading for war and discord. Former great powers will lose their position and others will emerge. The world will therefore experience major changes politically, which will have an impact on the economy, lifestyle and purchasing power. For some, the changes will appear like a nightmare that is difficult to get out of, while others adapt to the new society. 

There will also be major changes on a personal level. Several of you have now started to think about your own life and your own life situation. More and more people want to change themselves and the life they have lived. Many will change course and work on themselves and their own development. What was previously important will no longer appear to be particularly important. Other values and qualities of life will come into life, and cause more people to change their choices. More people will seek out nature, for peace and quiet. The noise and hustle and bustle of city life will eventually take its toll on people's health. In the world there is great density in the cities and great pollution due to cars and factories. More and more people will choose solutions that are cleaner and more environmentally friendly. 

Dear Earthlings. All that has previously been said about the earth's development has now begun. Economic crisis, unrest and riots, food shortages and lack of resources, pollution and climate change. Major upheavals that must lead to changes in lifestyle and values. A life of luxury with waste and overuse of resources, exploitation for personal gain, human trafficking, sex slavery, abuse and mistreatment will be exposed. Now is the time to clean up mother earth. Negative forces have ravaged the earth for thousands of years, now the light will shine through and cleanse mother earth. 

Enjoy the changes you see because they will do you good in the long run. In the process, many have chosen to leave the earth, some voluntarily, others involuntarily. This is the result of war and strife. 

Remember that what happens is predestined to happen. Don't be alarmed, these are not overnight events, but processes over years. Live your life here and now. Be focused on today and whatever tasks you may have. Don't think ahead and pull yourself down either by the world or by personal experiences. Lift yourself up and be positive in your behaviour. Empower yourself, purify yourself and develop yourself. Seek the light and love and be open to the gifts of the universe. 

See that any development must start with a big change. To improve the lives of all the earth's inhabitants, major changes are needed.

The future will bring new ideas and new solutions, new resources will be discovered and put to use. Food production will change, where new raw materials will be used. New technical solutions will provide a better everyday life for most of you. Power and water shortages will not be a problem in the future. When the authorities no longer think about profit, but in the best interest of the population, the solutions will fall into place. When countries cooperate across borders, resources will be equally distributed. However, this requires new thoughts, big thoughts and brave thoughts. A new emerging youth culture is emerging. More and more young people today are thinking about environmental and technical solutions instead of the old solutions. These young people will help develop mother earth into a new society. 

They will come up with innovative ideas, solutions and thoughts outside the old forms. 

Free yourself from old patterns and thoughts. Free yourself from the past that is holding you down. Release the energies that are holding you back. If you think it was better before, then these are thoughts to hold you back in development and your own fear of encountering something new and unknown. Be open and trust the universe. Be open to the new ideas and see that it is better than the old ones. Meet the young people with goodwill, curiosity and openness and you will be able to adapt to the new times, and you will be surprised by the young people's thoughts about the preservation of mother earth. Everything will be fine.

In light and love

Archangel Michael. 




The end times is a word that must be used with caution. For what is the end of it? If it is the end of time, no end can take it. or is it the end of the world? The earth will endure. Or is it the end of humanity, or the end of humanity's energies as we know them today? 

When we refer to the time we are now in with the word end times, we mean that the dark energies have come to an end. It is now time for new bright energies to rule the earth. In our sense, the end times is a positive term that must not be confused with the negative term of doom. We also often use the word in the new age to emphasize that there is a new age ahead, which is better than the age you are now in, or rather is about to reach an end._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Fear not the future for no doomsday prophet will rise from the dead and condemn you to eternal torment. Don't fear the future that seems unsafe and alien. Don't be afraid of the new things that are in the works and the developments that must come. Do not fear the protests that will rise from the depths of humanity and wash away the injustices you have lived under. Do not fear the future for the future will be a bright time, with love, understanding and equality. 

In order to reach the goal, the darkness will fight convulsively to preserve its position and its strength. We regret that this will result in human casualties. Our hearts bleed for them, but we also thank these souls for taking on this task in mortality. Know that we will care for these souls. 

When humanity rises, it will rumble from the heart of Mother Earth, a roar that will have ripple effects across the globe. A roar that will be heard by the deaf and seen by the blind. No one will be able to go unnoticed from this roar. All will come one day, all will be revealed. You will now enter a time when the economy will fall in many countries. With the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe, many have already begun to feel the ripple effects. This will now affect the world economy. 

You have been through hard financial times in the past and got through this. Money and power should no longer be the only right way to go. Many people will not understand this and will wonder what you want to do. But look, that's where the new time and new thoughts come into being. New energy sources, new cultivation methods and areas will be discovered. New vitamin sources and food sources will be discovered. Now this seemed distant and incomprehensible, but suddenly you will be in the middle of it. Right now we are working with the people who will give you the ideas for the new. They will come from different corners of the world to highlight that you must work together as a community with a common goal. Opposing each other will create chaos. Now you will have to cooperate across national borders. 

Now more than ever, it is important that you deal with the skeletons in the closet. You must now clear your energies. Release what is difficult and see life from a new angle. Do not tolerate all hardship and pain, but find the cause and resolve this. Pain is a sign of your psyche or repeated events in life. Often this can lie in past lives, so be sure to release what are barriers and negative energies from past lives. The time has now come to dissolve negative family ties and free yourself from the invisible chains that hold you back in your development. 

Now you mustn't think that this means that you should put a line over every family relationship that doesn't go the way you want, but free yourself from the negative energies so that everything will work out for the best for all of you. Send light and love to those who need it and forgive with all your heart. For the one who is the suffering party is the one who knows the hatred in his heart. All this negative energy will follow you into your physical life and give you pain in your body. Let go! 

When you have now decided to do something with your own life, you will feel a freedom you have never felt before. We rejoice in your choice, and to see that your soul is now set free from the captivity of which it has been a part. 

Work on yourself every day. Every little bit of negative energy creates an imbalance in your energies. Release any irritation, anger, anxiety, grief and pain that is holding your energies back. Take back your life, and take back control of your emotions and your future. You are a creator, and therefore create the life you live, every day.

We look forward to being with you in your development. 

In light and love, Archangel Michael. 



Dear Earthlings!

You are now in the middle of battles that will affect the future. The result you now create is decisive for how the future will unfold. But from our point of view, you are in a fortunate development. We are not talking about all the terrible unrest on earth, but that you are now waking up more and more and want a change. Most of you now see that a war is never the answer to the problems, they only create more, and worse problems. Some of the problems that arise are secrecy. Several of you are suffering and do not know the main cause of the unrest. Secrecy is hidden agendas that will soon roll to the surface. You will be shocked, feeling disgust, remorse, grief, despair and powerlessness, knowing that everything you believed was a lie. The illusions will loosen and crack into a massive change.

The world as you know it today will be a completely different world in the future.

Development is now moving forward rapidly, and new solutions will emerge, both in water, electricity and other power plants.  

You want us to choose sides, but the universe cannot choose sides since you are all important people to us. We see the pain in all of you, and we cry with you all. Believe us when we say that this pain will be even greater when the truth is revealed.

What will the future reveal, and is there light at the end of the tunnel. Don't worry, because the path you are now taking is important to clean out the last remnant of negativity that is hidden. There are atrocities far worse than you can imagine, and these will soon be revealed. For those to whom this applies, it will be a liberation.

There are parts of mother earth that are experiencing a food crisis. The drought in Africa sends thousands into hunger every day. In other countries, the abundance of food is great. The food crisis is also due to a halt in production and exports between countries, but also to how you humans have adapted and made yourself dependent on other countries. In the future, more and more people will grow what they need for their own use. This will initially mean that the familiar goods you have previously used will be difficult to get hold of. Eventually you will solve this crisis and will be able to grow everything you need. Development is also moving forward in food production. 

Many of you fear the future and are afraid of the unknown. But everything will get better. One step behind, but several steps forward each time. Right now the earth is experiencing a step back, but will move forward several notches afterwards. 

Dear Earthlings!

Nature and the weather are changing. This makes you confused and frightened. You are experiencing more and more abnormal weather conditions all over the globe. The temperature will drop in many countries during periods where the temperature would normally be high.  The climate changes will seriously make those of you who would not face the truth, open their eyes wide open. Now is the time to take the necessary steps in the right direction. Now it's the climate and mother earth that matter, not profit and profitability. 

We don't want to scare you, but there are many players who make money from other people's disasters and lives. There will be major changes to this. 

When you get over this rough patch, mother earth will once again be filled with light and love. You will once again rebuild your lives and come into harmony. Light, love and harmony will become important factors in their lives. We look forward to the day when mother earth will once again shine beyond the universe in light and love.

Always hold on to hope and faith in the good. Never lose sight of these words. Hope and faith are what lead you forward. Hope and faith are their lifeline. Pull each other up. Help your neighbor when he fails. Send light and love to those who only feel hate. Increase Mother Earth's light and send out new consciousness. Know in your heart what is truth, follow the truth.

In light and love

Archangel Michael.




Redeem memories

Releasing old memories can be difficult, but it is important to cleanse your body and soul of what is holding you back in life. Old memories can also be unconscious memories that sit in the cells, cell memories. Cell memories can be memories from previous lives, from which the soul has not detached and which are carried with the soul to the next life. You can therefore have inexplicable phobias, anxiety or have an unstable mood, difficult thoughts and pain in the body without physical exertion or illness. Yes, cell memories can be both psychological and physical disorders. 

As a soul, you have many experiences, both good and bad. You have had a long journey through several eras, and experienced life in several times. You have probably been both woman and man, slave and ruler, good and bad. These memories carry the soul with them. Sometimes you will find yourself feeling uncomfortable around other people, even those you don't know. Part of the explanation may be that they send out negative energies that you pick up, and part of the explanation may be that you have had previous lives together. It is therefore important to release these feelings and not carry them with you in this life. 

This life is the redemptive life, where you must correct the energies from all lives. You will therefore experience inexplicable feelings that you cannot put into words. It is not always as important to understand the feelings, but rather to let them go.

In the new era, we think of you as free, cleansed people.  

We talk a lot about the new age, and that means that you people have to increase your energy level. By increasing your energy level, you will enter a different state of understanding and tolerance. The energies that you are now connected to yearn for victory, and to be the biggest and best. In the new age, the energies will be more aligned, and you will not be burdened with the feeling of being the biggest and best. You will cooperate for the good of mankind in every way. 

In order to achieve a life where you can live in peace and harmony, you must leave behind the energies that inhibit you from receiving the new energies. This is a demanding job, but as I said is absolutely necessary. 

You don't need to remember all your lives, or know where the energies come from. Just release the energies that trigger you and let them flow out of your body. Replace the energies with light and love. In a process where you are going to release the past, remember that energies will appear that are negative, energies that you carry with you that are a negative quality. Also release these energies and admit to yourself that this is something you have to get rid of. This can be stubbornness, aggression, inferiority or feeling more valuable than everyone else. Either way, redeem them. You may think that you will now become an emotionless person who does not react to anything or can show joy and pride. You're wrong! You will still feel sorrow for a lost friend, or feel proud of your children, or feel joy, but you will not elevate these feelings above all others, you will not subject others to negative feelings or fail to see the greatness of others. The negative spectrums will cease and be replaced with loving feelings, and most importantly, you will not let the feelings hold you back in life, or create negative bonds and energies to others. 

Don't be anxious if you can't redeem everything at once, it's almost an impossible task. Use the time you need. Release the feelings as they arise and repeat this action if necessary. 


We see that there are many different factions on earth of people. You do not have a negative or a positive energy, but many different energies and therefore also many dimensions. There are people among you who live in a higher dimension than the mass of people. You will eventually all rise in energies and dimensions. In order to reach a new dimension, consciousness must let go of the old dimension. You have to think different thoughts, have different needs, see different values and live different lives. To imagine all people on earth in a new dimension will be quite impossible as long as there are so many of you who are still in lower dimensions where war, hunger, crimes and violence characterize everyday life._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Some of you would have to renounce your earthly life and start over to get into the right energy, others have decided to cross over to the other side at a young age. There are several wars and unrest in the world that require human sacrifice. Send these souls into the light and send them love, because they are in a vulnerable phase as souls. 

You might want us to say something about the unrest going on in the West. But no, in our eyes you are all created in our image, and are equally valuable. Look around you, there is suffering in every corner of the world. We send you all love and light and hope that you will be enlightened. See the madness in all unrest, wake up and send mother earth light and love. Start with yourself by freeing yourself from all negative energies. Work with your near and dear ones. A collective consciousness will increase the energy on mother earth.

Stand together and work together for a new era.

In light and love Archangel Michael. 



The world is upside down. Unrest, occupation and war in large parts of the world. The energies have gone back many notches, and you must now work to correct the energies. We have previously announced that major changes are needed for the earth to be able to raise the energies to a level where everyone rises to the same energy level. The war in Ukraine and Russia now bears witness to a convulsive war over energy. Where the old lower energies stand against the new higher energies. That's the way war is. Human lives are lost, thousands of people lose their homes and many lose their lives. Many are forced to flee their homes and others lose contact with the outside world and opportunities to move freely, speak freely and be free. There is always suffering on all sides of a war. There are no winners, there are only losers. War is not the voice of the people. War is a power struggle between those who lead a country, greed and manipulation claim innocent victims on both sides. 

Distance yourself from this low energy. Don't let it hit you and see it in your veins like poison. Raise your energies and send love to those leading this war. Don't let their lust for power rub off on you. Do not let one man win over the whole world. 

Dear lightworkers all over mother earth. Now the time has come, as predicted, with economic difficulties in many countries, at the same time that nature is unleashing its energies and turning the world upside down. We see that there are difficult times now and for some time to come, but do not be afraid. We are with you and will intervene when the time is right. We are sorry that the energies have to play out, but this is also what unites you into one people. Be positive, release old energies and contradictions. Don't let history gag you in powerlessness and aggression. Leave the old behind and look forward. Get together and see each other as neighbors and family. The negative energies are fighting a battle to maintain their position, and are using whatever power they have to manipulate you humans. Don't let these win. Send energies and ask that soldiers lower their weapons and see the madness that is about to unfold. 

Now is the time to be strong in faith, hold on to hope and believe in the energies. Know that nothing is in vain. Send the lost souls home and thank them for going ahead and clearing the energies. Show charity, open your home and open your heart to those who need it. Show mercy and magnanimity to people in need from all parties. Send love to those who are trapped in their own country and are not getting the necessary information. Send love to mothers and fathers who are crying for their sons on both sides. Grab the weapon of love and use it.

In light and love Archangel Michael.



Don't you see the madness in everything you do? You are causing great pain to mother earth. Where will this strife and disagreement end? Now you have to think about it. Raise your energies and spread positive thoughts. Do not take the instigators' negative thoughts and lower yourself to their energy level. Raise the energy level collectively on mother earth. Spread love and joy. See the beauty around you, feel this feeling of gratitude and joy and spread it further. Don't let negative energies win. It is now up to you humans to turn the difficult into good. Use common sense. Use all that you have learned from the energies to improve the situation.

To all world leaders: don't let your own ego and sense of victory stand in the way of life, health and peace. Drop your guns and come to your senses. Let the light pierce your heart and see the beauty around you, what you are about to destroy. This is not a game, or pieces in a game. These are people, families, soldiers of flesh and blood. Don't let the blood flow. Be the great one, the one people will remember, the one who stopped the war! 

Dear you! You are now in a difficult time, where anything can happen. We cannot intervene except in those situations where nuclear weapons are used which destroy mother earth and other inhabitants of the universe. We look with sadness at the development the earth has taken. But don't lose hope! Several leaders are fighting for peace through peaceful means and common sense. Send loving energies to those who only want strife, and send loving energies to those who negotiate for peace. Let the loving energies triumph over the darkness. This is not a battle between countries, but a battle between light and darkness. These are the weapons of darkness, war, discord and low energies. Raise the energies in yourself and your thoughts. Help people in Russia, Ukraine, China and the USA by raising their energies. Let the light penetrate and illuminate thoughts, minds and the situation. Send loving energies to those peacefully demonstrating for peace. Hear their prayer! 

The world is now at its most troubled. You notice this in the energies that unfold among people, but this is also the time when reason can prevail and the light can prevail, where most of the people see light and joy and not darkness and hatred._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

These are also troubled times for mother earth. Major changes create unrest in mother earth's core and surface. This has led and will continue to lead to unsettled weather conditions in terms of wind, temperature and precipitation. This in turn creates unforeseen disasters and accidents. You are now in the time where everything changes, and changes for the better for you and mother earth. A relapse in the energies will create even more imbalance and prolong the time for healing.

Therefore, dear energy workers, children of mother earth, use all your power of thought, use your energies and rise from the ashes, feel the loving breeze of tomorrow and send this cool, gentle loving energy beyond the earth's population._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The time is now in for the fight of light, with the weapon of light - love.

Be the first to seize the weapon of light and use it.


In light and love Archangel Michael.



A new year has started with many events, good and bad. This year will bring forth more revelations than in the past. You have now reached a turning point where nothing can be hidden any longer. More people want to know the truth about pandemics, intrigues, wars and the economy. You will find that everything is connected. Look at the coming year as a learning, an experience and a swelling of knowledge and energy.

The year will be characterized by a lot of extreme weather everywhere on the globe, and unfortunately this will mean that more lives will be lost. We grieve with you and are just as distraught about the situation on mother earth as you are. But know that this is part of the evolution you are in and is necessary for the great mass of people to open their eyes and raise their energies. 

Everyone must in the future work on themselves and their own energies. You must search yourself, your soul and your intentions. If life is difficult, then you must examine yourself critically. What is the cause, and can you do something about it yourself? Sometimes a breakup will be the best thing for you, be it in relationships, family, friends or work situations. Be critical and thoroughly analyze yourself and your intentions. If you go on because you want to without a whole heart, you will never be whole. Use your heart as your guide, and don't be misled by desire or need, because then you will never be whole. Let go and send light and love. Forgive and send light and love. Be honest with yourself and send yourself light and love. 

One does not hate, one does not explain away what is obvious. Don't pass the blame onto others. You must now open yourself to the energies that come and receive them with love.

During the year, several of you will meet yourselves at the door, and several will take new directions and new decisions that benefit your development. 

The economy will be difficult this year on a global basis. You are now faced with major cracks in the economy, both in the public and private sectors. Don't despair! See new paths and new opportunities opening up for you. Be creative and trust that the universe will not let you get lost. 

Be in your life and create your life with the power of thought. Through conviction and trust, your thoughts will manifest in life in light and love. But remember that dark thoughts will always backfire on you. Manifest in the light. 

Be optimistic, because there is reason for optimism that will lead to greater development. New science is in the works. New ideas will be created and fuel new developments in technology, medicine and energy. New technological innovations will see the light of day and lead you into a new age. You are now standing on the threshold of a new world. Let it reveal itself. 


In light and love

Archangel Michael. 

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