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The way, the truth and the life

Excerpt from the introduction to the book:


... We are in a new age where you will wake up and see that what you thought was the truth is far from the truth ...

... You humans are shrouded in a haze of illusions. You must dissolve these illusions to remember back to the beginning ...

... I am glad that you are part of the awakening process, and can feel the energies I have sent to you, so you chose to read this book, chose to take responsibility for yourself, and chose to be part of the journey into in the new age.

To you who read my words, live in light and love.

Archangel Michael.


Excerpts from the book:

... A faith from the heart will reflect the truth of the universe. If a person believes from the heart, he will use the power of love, and will therefore have to take part in the universe's laws of forgiveness, love, respect, value and harmony. Every action and every word will be reflected in the love of all life. A faith that abuses other people or animals, that puts itself first, and that claims the right to own the truth, has gone astray. This is not a belief from the heart.

A faith from the heart will be felt throughout the body and in the mind. The energies will rise, and you will feel love so strongly that it is painful. You will know the energies and you will know what is right and wrong. Your actions will always be reflected in the light.

A faith that does not feel as described is not a correct faith. Apart from this feeling, there will always be a doubt. Faith and doubt are opposites. For those who have the right faith in their heart will not have a hint of doubt, even in the greatest miracles ...

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