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Lesson 9. The concept of time.

You humans think of time as a linear line. The time passes in relation to the clock and the given time +, - time zones to the right or left. Everything prepared according to the phases of the moon, the sun and the tides. Their time is here and now, what you experienced yesterday or last week, or even further back in time. Time is something that comes in the future. You talk about having time, when certain pieces of work are finished you have time for other things. You talk about time as something fixed, which you can calculate and be sure of. But imagine that time is not like this. Time is not here and now and what has passed. Time is here and now, the future and what has passed at the same time. Time goes in and out of the same time. Time can be parallel where two different events happen simultaneously in different dimensions, where you are the main actor in both. Time is therefore something fleeting, something you cannot calculate. Time comes and goes and is here at the same time. This is difficult to take in. But that's how it is. For those who channel, time will not exist in the same way as for others. Because they are in another dimension and gather information about what has not yet happened, but is about to happen. The point is that in another dimension it has already happened, and therefore the channeler can go between timelines to retrieve information about what has been, is and will be. Such time travel occurs even if the physical body is in a room. Therefore, the cancellation of space and time is the correct description of time.

Now you can argue that the seasons are fixed. But they vary from year to year whether the given season comes early or late, all depending on heat and humidity. Nature goes in cycles, so the seasons will come, but the time they come will vary to some extent. Time is not a substance you can touch and feel. Time is mathematically calculated according to moon phases and tides. A long time ago, people did not calculate time in relation to the hands of a dial, but by shadows from the sun, moon and tides. The time is different from where you live to another place on earth, yes within the same country the time will be different.

Our time is completely different from the Earth's time. Other planets operate with different times or time concepts. Counting time in months and years will not work on other planets that divide time in a different way. The term year is also something that varies where you are on earth. So what year have you reached? It all depends on where on earth you are. When it is summer in the southern hemisphere, it is winter in the northern hemisphere. In the northern part, the days will be shorter in winter than in summer, then the days are longer, while around the equator the time will be the same regardless of the season. So what is time then? You talk all the time that you don't have time, or that you are in a time crunch. It is not the time that is the problem, but what you fill the time with. If the activity level is higher than the number of hours given, you will struggle to finish everything you had planned to do. In other words, you have to let go of some of the activities. If you are in a family where several members have activities, you will find yourself in a race to find activities instead of spending time together. You have to let go of something to win yourself back.

Exercise: You can't sit down to change time, but you can practice letting time come to you. You think you are moving through time, when in reality it is time that is moving through you. Therefore, you can stop time. When you are running out of time according to your timesheet and have an appointment you have to meet, stop time. Ask the universe to help you stop time, trust that you will achieve what you need to. Let time flow through you at your own pace and you will have time for everything you had planned and more. When you are in an eternal race against time, time will fly quickly through you and you will always be pressed for time. So stop and let time go slowly through you and have faith. The exercise therefore involves training you to have confidence and to calm down the pace. Look over the activities in the family and summarize these, because even if you can be in two different places at the same time in the universe, you humans have not progressed that far in your development yet, but in the future you will be able to move between times and room and have all the time in the world at your disposal. Practicing letting time flow through you instead of chasing time is the essence of this lesson. When you feel your stress level rising, take a deep breath in and out and tell yourself that you have plenty of time. Don't confuse being calm around you with procrastinating. For yet you have decided to use mathematical time clocks to tell the time. Notice that when you take things easy, don't let yourself stress, you have plenty of time. The times you stress and run around looking for one thing or another to take with you, time goes by quickly and you are in a hurry. Let time pass you by and decide that you will accomplish everything you set out to do this day. Everything lies in the power of thought.

In light and love Archangel Michael.

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