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Lesson 8. You versus others.

You versus others is about relationships you have with others. When negative energies prevail, the relationship between you and the person concerned will be negatively charged. It will be shown in words and through actions. Many times this will become a vicious circle where what could have actually ended up being a positive experience for both, is dismissed and the negative will emerge. This does not mean that you must meet and associate with those with whom you do not have good relations. You versus others is about the energies you send out to others and the energies you pick up from others. You will notice that this feels like discomfort and something you want to avoid at all costs. In order for you to be able to move on without feeling discomfort, you have to clean up these energies.

Exercise: Sit down, breathe calmly and deeply from your stomach, keep your eyes closed. Think of the person you feel you have a negative relationship with. Ask the universe to clear away the reason you have a bad relationship and cut negative ties. Send light and love to this person and thank them for the lessons you have learned. Ask the universe to help you ask for forgiveness for whatever you may have done in this life and in past lives. Forgive the other person for what they may have done in this life and in past lives. By forgiving and asking for forgiveness, miracles will happen. This does not mean that you accept or in any way need to understand the other's actions, but you dissolve the energies and that person will no longer be part of your energy. An old Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness is about restoring the energies from negatively charged to positively charged. Repeat this prayer in meetings with others when the energies become difficult, or say this prayer before the meeting. What you are doing is asking the universe to help you shift the energies and that you maintain a cordial feeling and attitude towards the other. The prayer is an awareness to yourself of your intentions and your actions. The prayer was given to this people thousands of years ago when we had greater contact with humans, and it is as strong today as it was then.

I'm sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.. I love you.

You will also be able to find other prayers that are just as effective. We have given you many tools over the years to improve the relationships between you. Unfortunately, many have been forgotten. Take them out again, and feel the power they hold, and the energy we have put into these very words.

So simple and so difficult. You don't want to forgive and you think you haven't done anything to the other person, you say. Well, then the energies will be unchanged. If you want to change the energies and feel better, then you have to tackle this yourself. This is your job and your job alone. You cannot change others, but you can change yourself, and you can change the energies that are part of your life. You may find that the people you have negative relationships with often appear in your life, and in the strangest places. When you send out negative emotions you will attract more of those negative emotions. Therefore, people you feel uncomfortable with will be attracted to your energies and vice versa. To avoid this, you need to go deep within yourself and find out what is the cause of this negative relationship. Sometimes the reason for these feelings is that you know that you yourself could have acted differently, and therefore have a guilty conscience. If this is a person you have to have in your life, colleague or close relative, then tell this person that you were wrong and ask for forgiveness for it. Being honest with others will solve many more problems than you think. You don't need to be afraid that you will have a worse relationship, on the contrary, energies will dissolve. If it is the other person who has wronged you, then forgive this person for not understanding what you understand. The energies will dissolve anyway.

Being a good person is about having good intentions and having good deeds. Sometimes things will not go as planned or things will unfold in a different way than you intended. Perhaps your good intentions will be misunderstood. Keep calm and ask the universe for help to clear away the negative energies, so that everything settles into the positive. Your reaction will have a reaction, and your actions will have a reaction, everything has a cause and an effect. Therefore, your actions will be reflected in the other's energies. If you are calm and positive, this will rub off on the other person. If you meet a person with negative feelings, this will give negative results. If you meet a person with positive feelings, this will give positive results. Therefore, think about what you say and what you do, because what you send out you will get back in abundance. You are responsible for your words and actions, as others are responsible for theirs, but you cannot change others, you can only change yourself. You yourself create the reality you want in your life. You must therefore change your life for the better yourself, and to change your relationships with others.

In light and love Archangel Michael.

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