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Lesson 7. Self-worth

Self-worth is a value of where you place yourself in a given yardstick. You people measure everything in values ​​according to how big the demand is for the given product. That is why you also value a person according to popularity. But we tell you that everyone is equally valuable. There is no one who, because of their position or popularity, can say they are worth more than the poor, anonymous man on the street. It is you who set the value. We tell you that in the eyes of the universe, everyone is of equal value. Even the murderer in the street is worth just as much, even if he has stepped wrongly. Because he is also our child, and we cannot put value on our children.

You are an important piece. You play an important role in your surroundings. Maybe you can't see it or are able to see it, and maybe others can't see it, because your task is to open the eyes of others, to be a teacher and an opener of hearts. You should not let others dictate your worth, and think badly of yourself. You must not drag down the creation that is you, a unique human being of flesh and blood. You should not think less of yourself and compare yourself to others. You should not think that others feel better than you, even if they have power, position or money. You should not put a value on a life. You are all in different phases of development, different stages in your self-development and understanding of the universe.

The man in the forest who lives alone without water, electricity or any contact with the outside world has developed more, and has a greater understanding of life, of self-worth and the real values ​​in life than the richest man in a million citie.

Exercise: Sit down, close your eyes and breathe deeply from your belly until you feel that your body and mind are calm. Find out what causes you to lose faith in your self-worth. Do you compare yourself to others? Do you compare yourself to other people's career, education or life situation? Maybe you ask yourself what they have that you don't? The answer is simple. You have as much in your life as they have in theirs, maybe more. If you enjoy your job, then you are exactly where you need to be at the moment. If you don't have a job, you say; think what a joy it is to be able to use your time exactly as you want without fuss, haste and expectations. You can slow down to what you can and you can develop yourself spiritually. You can work with your own pain through healing and through understanding the universe. You create your own reality. That is why you are unique. You are a creator and have great value to all who know you and depend on you. You have great value for yourself, because you are closest to yourself. Work with your thoughts and stop comparing yourself to others. Think of all that you have that you are grateful for, and feel the joy of this. Know deep in your heart that you are where you are for a reason, that everything has a cause and effect and that only you can change this if you want to. Look around and feel everything that pleases you and feel the gratitude in your heart. Know that this has great value, and that your life is great, you are great, and therefore you have great value.

Self-worth is not measured in money or assets. Self-worth is being honest with yourself. Be true to yourself and your own philosophy of life. Self-worth is being able to say no when something does not agree with your values ​​or beliefs. Self-worth is being generous to others because you have a big heart. Its own value is to see all the love you have in your heart. Self-worth is taking care of your body and soul.

It's never too late to turn around and change your life course if that's what you want. Have positive thoughts and positivity will come into your life. Positivity is not the same as money and possessions, but energies that work for your good so that you can develop spiritually. Love yourself, be true to yourself, speak well of yourself. Finding self-worth is closely linked to recognizing yourself. Where recognition is visible to yourself and others, self-worth will be your inner struggle over what is right and what is wrong. What you allow in your life and what you allow others to do in your life. Self-worth is taking care of your body, your health and your spirituality. Self-worth is developing yourself in step with yourself. Self-worth is allowing yourself to love and be loved. Self-respect is speaking up when someone crosses your boundaries. Self-worth lies on the emotional plane and therefore cannot be measured in a given value. You are valuable, stand up with your head held high and be yourself completely. Love yourself and love life, love your surroundings, nature, the world and the people in it.

In light and love Archangel Michael.

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