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Lesson 5. The present

The present is the millisecond you are in, when the thought is thought. Once passed, it is a thing of the past. It means you must live in the present. The present is here and now when it happens. You therefore influence the present with your thoughts and actions. Like the past, the present will affect you mentally and physically. Now that you have gotten rid of the negative energies of the past (lesson 4), you can move on to working with the present. Being in the present means being present with all of you and all of your senses. As a human being, you are fully capable of multitasking, and can produce different thoughts and different actions at the same time. Perhaps you sometimes need it in connection with work or to make a hectic everyday life fit together. But then you should ask yourself if you have too much to do, when you don't have enough time. You people have to achieve everything in a short time, and are only with half of you. You fly here and there in search of something new, what is "in" and what you think others expect you to do. Time is constantly changing and you are surfing this wave, soon here, soon there. But in all this chaos, you have not achieved much in a short time, you have lost time. You have lost the ability to see the signs in nature that predict the weather or catch the nesting season when the birds are active and singing, in your ears they only make noise, the wonders that happen in nature when a butterfly caterpillar comes out of its cocoon and spreads its wings for the first time, or when a roe deer calf takes its first steps. Wonders happen in nature every day and you miss all this because you are chasing time, but time is here and now. It is not intended that the entire world's population should now be running around in the forests looking for newborn calves and newly hatched butterflies. Just stop in your everyday life and feel that you are involved with all of you.

Exercise: Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths from your belly. Feel that you are breathing calmly and can feel that your body feels calm and relaxed. Feel the body, how is the body? Do you feel the heartbeats, the blood rushing through the veins, the pulse beating? Clear your mind of thoughts. Imagine a white room or a deserted place where there are no visual impressions, release all your thoughts into this place. You are now in a state where you "are" with all of you. Where thoughts and body are united, where you can feel, sense and be one with time. Time will no longer exist. You feel that this is good and have no discomfort in your body. Perhaps you feel that a short time has passed and you open your eyes and discover that a very long time has passed. But time stood still in you. This silence is important in order to be present. When you now return to everyday life, use the same method. Breathe calmly and be present in the task you have to perform. Use your senses and observe yourself and the work you do. Keep all other thoughts away from what you are doing here and now. When you're done with the job, you can tackle the next task in the same way. If it's hard to let go of everything you should have done, make a list of the day's tasks. start at the top of the list and be present in the task, when you are done cross that task and move on to the next task.

Being present for one task at a time instead of multitasking will give you inner peace, and you will get much more done than when your mind is all over the place and you are stressed. The body will calm down, the heart will calm down and you will extend your life by several years. Give yourself the gift of being present in the present with your whole being, body, thoughts and senses. In lesson 4 you should get rid of negative energy from the past. Because the past will affect the present. You carry the past with you in the present and go in a loop. You will not be able to move forward in life without putting the past behind you. You can blame others, events or anything in the past that makes you feel the way you do in the present, but you are the master of your own life and can therefore decide for the life you want. Let the past pass and concentrate on the present. It is here and now that is important for what will happen in the future. In order to live your life in the present, you must admit to yourself that you are holding on to the past. Everything that comes your way that is negative in the present, you blame it on events from the past, and it will continue in the future. When one day you stand at the crossroads of life, you will discover that you have spent your whole life holding grudges instead of moving on and living the life you wanted. It is therefore important to be present now, see all the beauty around you, see all the love and joy. Change your course now and use the present to get a great future. Use your senses, train yourself to be present. Make the choices that are best for you now, don't think about other people's choices or the future, but what is best for you NOW. Slow down and start breathing from your belly. Know that you live with every cell in your body. You are lovely. You are unique. You are the only one who can change your life here and now. In light and love Archangel Michael.

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