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Lesson 4. The past

You should not dwell on the past or hide it as a treasure. The past is a past tense and should be just that, a past tense. If you have sorrows or other events of a negative nature in the past that you are still affected by in the present, this means that you have not let go of this event. All our experience comes from our experiences in life from birth to death. Therefore, negative experiences will settle in the body, in the heart and solar plexus, it means right above the navel. It happens that experiences can settle in the body as illnesses and pains. Often, negative experiences will settle in the head as psychological pain that is difficult to get out of. This can take the form of anxiety, phobias or obsessions.

You must release all this negative experience. You should not carry with you all the pain inflicted on you by others. You must free yourself from this pain and understand that it has nothing to do with you. These are energies placed on you from those who have hurt you. These energies hold you down so you cannot trust others, or lose your self-love. Trust the universe and know that you are a loved person. You are an important piece in the big puzzle and are irreplaceable. Never let others give you second thoughts. Take back the power that has been taken from you and find your strength and yourself again. You may have to work for a long time to regain the trust of those around you, but remember that only you can make changes in your life. You are a creator and therefore create your own life.

Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and breathe deeply until you are calm. Take one incident at a time. Feel this event and breathe it out, Breathe in deeply from the belly, hold the breath for a few seconds and breathe out while concentrating on the area where you feel the pain. Then comes the big, difficult task. As you do this, forgive from the bottom of your heart the one or those who have caused you this pain, set yourself free from their energy. This does not mean that you accept or forgive the act itself, but the person(s) for their low energy. This is very important for you to progress. Talk to yourself out loud and release all ties between you and the person(s).

When we have energetic ties to people, their energy will hold us back. If our thoughts revolve around negative experiences and we think negatively, then we will attract more of the negative. Your job is therefore to think positively and attract positive energies. What you are interested in, you attract. If you hold grudges, hatred or other negative thoughts, you attract more events of the same kind. If you have positive thoughts, have confidence and let go of the negative, you attract more positive events. What you send out, you get back in abundance. If you sit and wish and wish, then you can continue wishing. If you have confidence that what you want to attract in life will happen, then it will happen. These are the laws of the universe. Have you experienced that you say "...I don't want...", and that's exactly what you get. The universe does not understand the word not. Use other words and phrases. Also remember that if you send out negative wishes and thoughts, they will bounce back at you from all sides. Therefore, think positively. Let the past be the past, look forward. You have a power within you that has sustained you for a long time, use this power within yourself to change your thoughts, and your life. Always remember that you are a loved person, start loving yourself. In light and love Archangel Michael.

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