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Lesson 2. Grief

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Grief can be so much. One can grieve over something that did not happen, loss of objects, time or loss of choices. Most people associate grief with the loss of people. Either the roads separate or someone in a close relationship dies. If you are sad about the former, then you breathe it out and put the past behind you. Look forward! Grieving over lost time or items will not give you time back or the item back. Carry the memory of it in your heart and look ahead. Loss of people can be painful to bear. Sorrow settles in the heart and can trigger both mental and physical difficulties. Grief is not only in the heart, but also on the soul level. Souls are separated via dimensions. The soul in a human life in one dimension and the soul that has passed into another dimension.

When you mourn, you will hold back the soul so that it does not enter the light, or it is pulled back from the light to be by your side. For you as a human being, it is good to know the soul close to you, but the soul will be stuck and can not develop as it should. The best thing you can do is let go of the soul so that it can enter the light. Remember the one you lost with love. Remember the good moments, and know that the soul is well where it is. Souls who have entered the light will see the task they had on earth, and see the meaning of their own life and death. Set the soul free and make it a happy soul. Later you can summon the soul from the light and have conversations with it. When you release the soul, you will free yourself from sorrow. Do not cultivate grief because it will break you down. Fill your heart with love and send this to the one you have lost. It is the greatest gift you can give it and yourself. Freeing yourself from grief is not the same as forgetting. It is to gather all loving thoughts, words and memories in a golden chest in the heart. Live on and fulfill your dreams, it will delight the one who has passed.

For the soul, it will create sorrow to see you grieve so deeply. Free yourself, release yourself, release the soul. On the soul level, the soul will not bear grudges or remember words that were said in affection. On the soul level, the soul will see that it was in earthly life, and that it is a past time. On the soul level, the soul will forgive and wants to be forgiven. On the soul level, the soul will follow you with joy and want to see you live happily. To feel conscience and to feel that one has not done enough, belongs to earthly life. At the soul level, such feelings do not exist.

Sit down. Close your eyes and call on the one you have lost. Even if you do not feel presence or hear voices in your head, the soul will be close to you and hear you. Talk to the soul about what you feel is difficult when it passed away. Tell it about your feelings, sadness, anger, remorse and joys. Say that you set the soul free in love and ask for forgiveness for what you feel is necessary, and forgive for what you feel is necessary. Ask the soul to enter into the light and love.

Losing someone you have lived a life with creates a hole that feels like loneliness. Fill this gap with happy memories, keep yourself active with what you are interested in, and fill the loneliness with people around you, or animals. If you find new love, then know that it will delight the soul and see that you live on in joy and love. A heart holds infinitely with love. No one takes another's place in the heart, one only makes room for more in the heart. In light and love Archangel Michael.

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