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Lesson 10. The way forward.

You humans find it easy to blame everything and everyone, and the circumstances surrounding your life when something goes wrong. But the truth is that you yourself set the guidelines for what will happen, and what you will experience. Now you might say that you would never have chosen the experiences you have, and that life has been too painful. When you came down to earth you already had an agenda for your life. As a human being, you have free choice, and therefore life can take many turns before you get to where you want to go. In these turns, the soul will constantly try to guide you back to the life you were supposed to live and the experiences you were supposed to have along the way. Since you have free choice in life, the resilience to these experiences will also kick in. You resist the experience and blame it on circumstances, and perhaps it is so, but the circumstances are there for you to experience. So in that sense it is a vicious circle.

When you realize that your life is part of what you will experience and understand, then show gratitude for that, and give thanks for the experience you have gained. When you can look back, you will see that you could not have reached the point you are today, if you did not have the experience you have behind you. Therefore, every experience will be part of your learning path to get to where you want to be in life. Some experiences are expensive and terrible, and feel meaningless. But know that you made this plan for life before you entered your mother's womb as a soul. In the past, you have learned that forgiving your worst enemy is the best gift you can give yourself, because then you release the bonds between you, and you will be free from their energy. When you are in the middle of a life that you have to experience, try to look back. What patterns can you recognize in your life? Do you always meet the same type of people, or are you attracted to the same situations? You are your own master in life and only you can change your life and what you attract. Therefore, the way forward will depend on the choices you make for yourself.

Exercise: Sit down, close your eyes and breathe deeply from your belly until you are calm. You can have calm meditative music in the background. Think back on your life and be honest with yourself. What circumstances made you choose the way you did? If this is something you want to change then ask the universe to help you cut all negative ties and help you see the big picture. If you have a wish for how your life will be, then ask the universe urgently that you are now ready to move on and will remove all the negative energies that have prevailed in your life. Forgive where you need to forgive and ask for forgiveness where you need to ask for forgiveness. Send light and love. Take back your power that you have given away. Pray to bring back the soul aspects that have separated you from your mission here on earth. Use the power within you and know that this will happen. Be determined and firm in your voice and faith. Half-hearted words won't get through, you really have to mean what you're asking for. Change your course by making new choices, doing new things, seeking out new places and environments, changing your style and standing up for your opinions. Don't let others dictate what you should believe or think. You are your own master and are therefore responsible for your life.

This exercise will take time. Changing course in life is not done in a week or two weeks. You must constantly weigh your choices, and why you act the way you do. When you are positive and have a deep desire to change course, then the energies will work for you and you will meet other people who accept you as the beautiful soul you are inside. You will feel warmth and love and belonging. Everything that you have clung to in your previous unhealthy life, you will understand that it was your way holding on to an affinity, bad or good. Now you can choose your own affiliation and be honest with yourself. Know that the universe is with you and helping you.

Now when you have let go of anger, sadness, negative energies, and can see yourself in relation to others and recognize yourself for who you are. You know that by trusting the universe, anything can happen and you create your own life. You have now learned to take control of yourself and your emotions and know that the future is right at your feet. Now it is up to you to make the choices that are best for you and your development. You must not think that you are fully trained and can relax after these exercises. You will forget them at times, and other times they will linger in the back of your mind like an echo, and you will be able to put them to use. You have received a set of tools, which you will have to use for a long time in the future. Practice one or more of these rules every day. Always keep them with you in your thoughts in your everyday life. You came as an souls to earth to raise the energies on earth. We constantly see that the energy level rises and that you wake up more and more, and more and more people wakes up to see that the life they previously only had to live is part of an illusion. You now know that you are all responsible for the planet you live on and are therefore mutually dependent on each other. An exciting and developing future lies ahead of you.

These days, a great cleansing is taking place on earth, which means that the energies will change all over the globe. This will take time, but in step with this development, you people will also change your thoughts and attitudes, and you will wake up. Several of you will see the economic game that is laid before you and the the grips you have been bound under. Now is the time to break off your chains and become the free souls you were meant to be. We are always with you, and see you in light and love. Archangel Michael.

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