Lesson 1. Anger

Anger comes from unresolved thoughts and feelings that you have locked inside. You may have had an experience in the past that was unfair, violent or humiliating without responding to these events. You may have been robbed of your childhood and had to grow up too early, or you may have been robbed of your identity. Wherever you find the basis of your pent-up anger, it is now time to release that mind from your body and soul.

Task: Think about what triggers you and triggers your anger. How do you feel in your body? Where does the pain go? Free yourself from this mind by letting the past go. Do not allow the wrongdoing of others to rule over your life any longer. Take back control and release the mind. Ask the universe to help you and release the mind and replace it with light and love. Practice this during the week. Every time the mind comes up, feel for the reason why you are triggered, and release this. Remember: only you can make changes in yourself.

When you let anger take control of you, you send out energies that others absorb. These energies rob others of their own energy and you become the one who robs others in the same way that you yourself were once robbed of your will and energy. In other words, you have become the one you are fleeing from. You have no right to push on others what is your own frustration. No solutions will come out of anger. Use the exercise to calm down so that you can think clearly. Set the situation aside and look at it from the outside. Find a solution. Speak sensibly and tell about your feelings based on the situation. Remember: take control of your own emotions, only you can do that.

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