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Christmas calendar

It's been a really long time since I've been on the blog. I haven't been told to write anything, and maybe it's the case that we're a little spoiled by being told what to think about every day, or what to work on this day. Archangel Michael has given us two large free courses where we have learned to let go of the past and put old energies and thought patterns behind us. We are equipped to stand firmly in our own energy and work on ourselves.

It is often the case that we are somewhat dependent on what others say, think and think instead of listening inward to discover that we have the same thoughts and understanding. We just don't trust that we are good enough, but we are. I therefore believe that Archangel Michael has been quiet for a while to show us that we can work on ourselves. We have been given the tools that we can pick up and use as many times as we want until we are safe. We have received the support we need to build a new foundation in life.

This year's Christmas calendar is somewhat different from previous calendars. We are used to being given a word for the day, something we can think about. This time the archangel Michael has given us some words that give a deeper meaning, something to think about.

I hope you will appreciate the calendar and think about the words. Press the red heart inside the website and you will enter the calendar.

With wishes for a good time before Christmas.

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