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The time has come to take a different direction. Join in the beginning of your new life. From July 1, today's words on the blog page will be deleted. Instead, we offer you a 10-week free course, a unique opportunity to work with yourself, a gift from the universe. The archangel Michael gave me a message: "You should not write the words of the day, but give people a course in self-development. You should lay out lessons with tasks for reflection".

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Start by analyzing your feelings. What makes you angry, sad, irritated or what do you fear? Then you take ownership of these feelings, Acknowledge that they are a part of you, and that they do somethi

You have now worked on yourself for quite some time. Got into the depth of yourself, acknowledge your challenges and worked on them. Now is the time to look at your reaction pattern. Every action lead

Archangel Michael has come up with a new self-development course for us. The first thing he wants us to do is search ourselves. This requires us to spend a lot of time and work with ourselves, and be

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