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The time has come to take a different direction. Join in the beginning of your new life. From July 1, today's words on the blog page will be deleted. Instead, we offer you a 10-week free course, a unique opportunity to work with yourself, a gift from the universe. The archangel Michael gave me a message: "You should not write the words of the day, but give people a course in self-development. You should lay out lessons with tasks for reflection".

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You have now practiced various parts of self-development. In the first blog course you learned about: 1. anger, 2. grief, 3. hope, 4. the past, 5. the present, 6. recognition, 7. self-worth, 8. you ve

Anxiety is a relative term. What some people feel anxious about, others cannot react to at all. In other words, you cannot measure anxiety based on an event or circumstance. What triggers anxiety in s

In the energies, there are electrical impulses that fluctuate, sometimes weak and sometimes strong. These impulses are the power behind everything. In other words, you are made up of electrical impuls

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