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7. Breathing exercises

You have now practiced various parts of self-development. In the first blog course you learned about:

1. anger, 2. grief, 3. hope, 4. the past, 5. the present, 6. recognition, 7. self-worth, 8. you versus others, 9. the concept of time, 10. the way forward.

In this second blog course you have learned about:

1. Self-examination, 2. reaction, 3. letting go, 4. the foundation wall, 5. the stair step principle, 6. anxiety level,

We will now go to the last part of this course, 7th breathing technique.

The breath is the essential of a person's life and health. Breathing is the maintenance of life, but can also be what separates maintenance of life from living. The way you breathe says something about your health. Are you short of breath and breathe from the chest with short breaths, or do you breathe deeply from the stomach with long breaths. In the beginning, when you start to focus on your breathing, it will feel strained and choppy, and it can be difficult to breathe from your stomach. Practice this every day. Let your breathing be natural and calm.

There are various techniques that provide good and calm breathing, and control over breathing. When you get nervous, scared or for some other reason excited, the heart will beat faster, the pulse will become faster and the body will increase its intake of oxygen by increasing the breathing rate. This is the body's defense mechanism that prepares you to deal with a danger. The body's danger signal is sent out using the signals you send out with your psyche. If you are anxious about opening the front door, it is not a rational fear, but you send out danger signals through your hormones and the body's nervous system responds to this by preparing you for a danger.

Breathing techniques help you to lower the danger signal so that you can think clearly and make good decisions in all situations.

Sometimes you need a technique that can quickly calm you down, while other times you need techniques to be able to go deeper into yourself.

Start by getting to know yourself. When you breathe calmly, the breath comes from the chest or abdomen, or there is a feeling that it comes from the throat. Repeat the breathing until you know where it is coming from. If the feeling is that the breath is coming from the throat, you will probably also have strained shoulders.

When you need quick help with your breathing, it's not just about controlling your breathing, but also about taking your focus away from what's causing you difficulties.

A simple technique is the 3x4 rule. Breathe in while slowly counting to four, hold your breath while counting to four and let your breath out while counting to four. Repeat as many times as necessary.

This technique allows you to control your breathing there and then. But if you walk around with your shoulders up and breathing from your throat, then your whole breathing habit must change.

Sit down in a quiet place. Rock the seat a little so that you sit steady. Stretch your body's spine until you are sitting straight. Lift your shoulders slightly and bring them back. Feel that your head sits well on your shoulders, and that you have a balanced feeling in your body. Feel this well-being for a while and feel how your breath is now and where it is coming from.

From here we can continue to practice deep in and out breaths from the stomach. Place your hands on your stomach and register how your stomach moves as you breathe. When you breathe in, your stomach should be inflated, and when you exhale, your stomach should contract.

Open your mouth, place your tongue at the bottom of your palate and breathe in while feeling the flow of air at the back of your palate. Feel free to make the same sound as when you sleep. Place your hands on your stomach and feel that your stomach is blown outwards. Breathe in as far as you can, hold your breath for a slow count of four and then exhale in a loud puff, exhale until there is nothing left before inhaling in the same way as described. Repeat this three times. Then fill your lungs with oxygen and breathe normally. How do you feel in your body now?

Repeat this exercise every day and you will notice progress every day. You will notice that the tension will disappear, you will be able to lower your shoulders and you will have a calmer breath. You will be able to breathe deeper each time and hold your breath longer each time.

If the breath is too short, the brain will not get enough oxygen, you will often experience increasing headaches, concentration difficulties, difficulties in remembering, and perhaps you will be more close-minded than normal.

It is therefore important to breathe correctly, get enough oxygen not only to maintain vital functions, but to be able to live to the fullest.

Through the release of old difficult energies, by being honest with yourself and developing yourself and your energies, through breathing, diet and way of life, the energies will increase and you and your understanding of the universe will increase in line with your development.

When you now can breathe normally with your stomach, you can take a step further.

Sit down and balance your body as described above. Take a deep breath, focus

on the breath, move your mind where the breath is. Exhale through the legs. Then connect to mother earth, by imagining that you are connected to mother earth's energy and letting your breath go into mother earth. You can do the same by focusing on different places on the body and breathing out into mother earth. The energy flow goes both from the universe down to mother and earth and from mother earth to the universe. You will therefore be able to breathe energy both ways.

Always exhale difficult energies, do not let them accumulate in the body. Follow the instructions you have been given to raise your energies, to increase your awareness and to look after yourself both physically and mentally. Don't just live, but live to the fullest.

In light and love

Archangel Michael.

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