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4. The foundation wall

Every building is anchored in a solid foundation wall. A foundation that is weak will be a risk to the house itself and you would immediately repair the foundation to secure your house.

The body is your foundation and the soul is the house. In order for the soul to be safe and secure, the foundation must be solid

You have previously learned that you must go deep within yourself, search your intentions and be honest with yourself. You then had to examine your reaction patterns in various situations and then let go of your anger and anxiety.

All of these factors go into building your foundation. In these times, much is changing and the time has come for you to start a new phase in life. The old life patterns are now obsolete, and it is time to start with new fresh energies. It is now time to take in your whole soul and remember who you are. It's not like you take in the soul and suddenly you know everything from the dawn of time, but you will imperceptibly see life in a different light, feel different energies and feel that you want other things in life. The energies will work for you. During these times, you will feel physical changes such as changes in hearing and vision. Perhaps you will feel the changes as deterioration before vision and hearing stabilize. Your energy level will be in flux. One day you are full of energy and the next day you don't have the energy to get through the day. The heart rhythm will be unstable these days. All of these changes in physiology are changes in your energy level. When the whole soul comes in, the energies will be raised and the senses will be upgraded. Don't be anxious. Continue to work on your reaction patterns, releasing anger and anxiety. Forgive and ask for forgiveness and send love.

In the future, everyone will have enough of themselves and their development. You may therefore feel that you want more time for yourself. Whether you relax with a book or a hobby or want to meditate or be more out in nature. Whatever you feel, pay attention to these feelings and take care of your body. Listen inward and be closer to yourself.

Present your wishes to the universe, what is it you deep down want for your life. Your needs and your wishes should be your first priority. Take care of the house and continue to build the foundation of a solid and grounded you.

Don't be anxious if in the future you are not as social as you used to be. Don't be anxious and have no feelings of guilt for wanting to prioritize yourself in the future. Remember that you have to build a solid foundation for your house. When your foundation is strong and solid, you can build your house with many floors and with many rooms and house many people.

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