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How can major crises be handled? Many people experience major crises in their lives. Home, family, even entire cities are being erased. How can one move on after such crises, and how can one maintain faith that things will get better. Grief is a heavy energy that is difficult to recover from. Losing the basis of life, and all hope for the future creates such moments of uncertainty that everything else becomes irrelevant. Getting up again requires such large amounts of energy that it can be difficult for some to mobilize their last strength. In such situations it is easy to give up. But it is precisely in these situations that the belief that things will get better, the hope that the crisis situation will end, and that there is a future that can give you the strength you need to rise up.

We see you, and we hear your prayer, but we can't give you your house back. We can't give you back your family, and we can't give you back your city, but we can give you faith in the future, because it's there. We urge you not to give up, because behind all claims and news lies the truth. Sit down and breathe deeply and calmly even if you are grieving. Send your loved ones into the light and love and know that they are well taken care of and receives all the help they need on the soul plane. Know that they are enveloped in love.

Breathe deeply and calmly and bring forth your strength. Ask the universe for help to reclaim your light body and integrate it into you. The light body will give you help and strength to make the right decisions for yourself. Look around and see the destruction that is around you and know that there are dead things that can be replaced with new ones. Do not dwell on what is lost of material things. Now you need security, look for it where you can find it. In security, you can make sure things are done and in security you can think clear thoughts about the future. Because the future is there, and your losses have helped to focus on the future. The battle that is going on now is helping to put an end to the darkness that has reigned on earth. Now is the time for the light to wake up. People in many countries are now rising up against the injustice they experience. They protest and set examples for others to follow. Know that your loved ones have gone ahead in the fight for a better world. They have not died in vain. Their story will shape the world and the awakening that takes place. Your offers will be seen.

Fight for justice and peace without weapons in hand. Fight for the truth to come out. Know that a major cleansing in many countries is taking place at the same time. A situation in one country is not completely independent from a situation in another country. Many hidden causes in several countries create unrest in other countries. Reasons that have been hidden from you until now will come to light. Show your enemy love, for they are as innocent as you are. The power struggle is at a higher level, with the governing authorities. When the people lay down their arms and no longer want to fight their neighbour, then the authorities will lose the power they have. To believe is to know. What you know will therefore come to pass, since you have the power within you to manifest your thoughts. Therefore, think positive good thoughts and manifest a bright future. Have greatness in you to forgive your neighbor who innocently carries out orders so as not to lose his own life. Hate begets hate, while love begets love. Live therefore in the light and love, and that hope and faith are knowledge.

In light and love Archangel Michael.

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