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2. Reaction

You have now worked on yourself for quite some time. Got into the depth of yourself, acknowledge your challenges and worked on them. Now is the time to look at your reaction pattern.

Every action leads to a reaction, either in yourself or in others. What we will work on is how this reaction develops, and whether there is a pattern in the way of reaction. Whether you get angry or remain calm, your reaction will reflect part of the challenges you are facing. Many of these you probably won't admit to yourself. That is why we have previously worked with self-examination. Be honest with yourself!

So how do you react in different situations. Is it your daily form that determines your reaction or are there internal conflicts? You have to ask yourself these questions and see yourself from the outside. Your internal reactions trigger an external reaction. Are you afraid of losing face and must therefore have the last word, or that everything you say must be taken into account? Do you react with anger because you know you might be wrong? Do you react with apathy because you don't dare to speak your mind or stand up for it? Regardless of how you react, your reaction will be influenced by the energies that struggle within you.

When you are faced with a situation that triggers you, stop and look at yourself from the outside. Look in the mirror and see how others perceive you. If you raise your voice to have the last word, what is it that triggers this stubbornness in you that does not dare to let go and admit that you are not right. Most negative reactions come from fear. Fear of not getting respect and fear of not having control. What you need to know is that the moment you let go of control and fear, people will listen to you and see you for who you really are. Allow this energy to dissolve and replace it with light and love. When you learn to listen to someone other than your own voice, you'll find that you actually agree with the other person's statement, but you've been so busy listening to your own voice that you justify your own reactions by blaming others . You must now be responsible for your own life and your reactions. Take a deep breath to calm yourself down. Listen to what you say yourself, and see how others react to you. It's not respect you get, it's disgust. Don't be the one which no one likes. Do something with yourself. Self-awareness is the biggest hurdle you have to overcome. After that, everything will be easier. the energies that are like a dark claw within you will dissolve and be replaced by bright loving energies. Breathe calmly and exit the situation if necessary. Work on yourself. When you speak, speak calmly and in a normal voice, and you will find that others actually listen to what you have to say. Changing one's own reactions takes a lot of work. Start by recognizing these reactions and look back at how the outcome has been in previous situations. Did it really turn out the way you wanted it to, or has this created a greater distance between you and the others.

To you who do not dare to speak your mind and let others trample you down either with words or actions. Get up! Your voice is not being heard, raise it! Stand up for your own opinions and say them out loud. Don't let others steal your energy and hold you down. You have to work with your fear. What exactly are you afraid of? What will happen if you speak your mind or give others your knowledge. Work with the energy of fear that you have within you. Exhale and feel the energy calm down in you, take in new energy and release the blocks that are on your vocal cords. Think about the situations in which you react with avoidance. If you are afraid that your opinions will create conflicts, know that the other part also has major challenges with their dominance.

In order to work with energies in the new era, it is now important that you balance yourself. No one should dominate and no one should allow themselves to be subjugated. No one should stand above anyone else. Show each other respect. Stop and look at yourself in the mirror, who do you see and who do you want to be? Working with your own reactions is difficult and it takes time. Work on yourself and praise yourself for any progress you make. Let go of old energies, replace them with light and love.

In light and love Archangel Michael.

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