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In a world where selfishness reigns, there will always be someone who shouts their opinion loud and clear. Any other opinion will be ridiculed and mocked. Know that it is these people who will have to fight the hardest in the future to be able to live in the new energy. We have previously said that there will be those who want to remain in the old energy, and these people will be part of this group. Some will be able to turn around and acknowledge past mistakes, but many will stay in the energy. Know that it is their choice.

Part of the future will be to recognizing each other and what other stands for. Today's mockery of those who think differently will not exist. Everyone will accept what was previously unknown and everyone will see that a human being is a whole, body, soul and spirit. We have previously told you that you will integrate your higher self, and therefore be able to receive all the information and knowledge you as a soul carry. But to get to this step you must undergo a development in thoughts and words. This energy development is now well under way.

In the future, several people will stand out as spiritually in the new energy. More people will understand that a person is not just body or spirituality. A person is everything, and therefore needs everything. Treatment of a person must therefore take place on all levels. Science and the spiritual will become a holistic thinking in the future. Spiritual science will prevail over the old indoctrinated belief that a human being is only flesh and blood. In this way, educational development has followed the same path, where a person is not either this or that, but a result of heredity, family and environment. The medicine will eventually follow.

When you humans realize that you are part of a greater whole, and that everything on earth is equally interdependent of each other , you will change your behavior towards those who need the most support. Support will be provided where it is needed to create balance on earth and in the universe. Don't be afraid to show the world your spiritual awareness, because many will appreciate this and dare to show their true self. Go ahead and lead the way. Show the world that you can live as one with nature and in harmony with each other.

In light and love Archangel Michael.

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