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Work on your inner conflicts. In a world where more and more people are unsure of what is really happening and what is actually a truth, you will be able to feel an inner conflict. Should you listen to one or the other. What is right when two theories conflict. Listen to the various statements and get a feel for what responds in yourself. Feel free to discuss with yourself, what do you think is the truth. In your own company, you can say what you want and can therefore argue as you like with yourself. This is how you will arrive at a truth that you can feel in your body and in your heart. Inner conflicts can also arise when you find yourself in a situation where you have to make a choice, where someone you feel good about will be the losing part. This may go beyond the friendship you have with this person, but follow your heart and your ethical conscience. If you agree with your friend and know that this is not the whole truth, then you will become involved in your friend's actions or statements. Therefore, be true to yourself and work based on your convictions. If a friendship breaks up, think carefully about whether this is how your friends should be. Internal conflicts often arise if you feel insecure and are afraid of confrontations. As in the previous exercise, this is about standing strong in your own energy. Be grounded and know that if you follow your heart and not other people's opinions, you will get the right answer. In light and love Archangel Michael.

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