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10 tips for everyday life

Now the world is experiencing disaster after disaster, wars, hunger, drought, flood and ruined crops due to the weather. In a global context, all this will lead to a shortage of some goods. Prices will increase and more people will experience crises. You can prepare for bad times by buying some extra dry goods and water for an emergency stockpile. That doesn't mean you should hoard, but have something to go on if something were to happen. Change your habits by thinking smart when purchasing. Be more aware of your actions and motives. The archangel Michael reminds us of these simple moves that we all already know. So what can we do in our home, 10 simple tips:

  1. Make sure to have a small emergency stock of dry food and water.

  2. Turn off the power in rooms we don't use.

  3. Lower the temperature at night.

  4. Use energy-saving bulbs and an energy-saving shower.

  5. Reduce the use of plastic in the household.

  6. Leave the car for short distances when you can walk or cycle.

  7. Use reusable packaging instead of disposable packaging.

  8. Avoid buying and throwing away. Think about your needs before you buy.

  9. Be aware of your online purchases and prevent returned clothes from becoming rubbish.

  10. Help prevent the islands of garbage in the world's oceans from increasing by reusing, recycling and buying used.

These are small measures in every home that can bring big gains for nature and the imbalance we experience. This will not change hunger and disasters, but it will change your values ​​and what is important in life. This will provide collective positive energies that have a positive ripple effect for everyone. This will help to change our thoughts and create new ideas, all in step with the new times we live in, and this will prevent the rubbish mountains from growing and growing. If we can all change our habits little by little, we will help to stagnate the negative development.

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