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You humans allow yourself to be led by external influences. You will therefore follow advertisements, fashions, propaganda and what you are told. You live in a box that is closed where everything that enters the box is from external influences. You must learn to let the influences come from within, from your inner universe. Through your inner universe, you will always know what is right and what is wrong. You will be in balance, because your inner universe is in balance. You are part of everything and everything is within you.

When you enter good energies, you will find that these are destroyed when you are out of these energies. This is because you have not taken your energies into your inner universe and balanced them. You can be in good energies as long as you have an external influence of those energies, but if you don't understand why you feel good, and constantly have to be somewhere else to get into those energies, then they are not yours, you only borrow them for a short period.

Open yourself to your inner universe, learn from yourself and let your energy come from within and work its way outwards. When you make a decision, it will come from yourself and your understanding of the universe, not because this has been told to you. So therefore you have to balance yourself from the inside to be balanced from the outside. Your energies should work outwards, not from the outside in. Always make sure you are grounded both physically and energetically.

In light and love Archangel Michael.

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