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I am Frode Grønaas, healer and conversation therapist

My name is Ann-Kristin Johansen and I offer  healing and reading.



Through healing and reading, also called channeling, you can dissolve old energies that are stuck. We often carry energies that can get stuck in either our psyche or our physical body. Often, problems in the emotional life will set in as a nuisance or disease in the body. Mental disorder or noise often means that you can not make the right decisions, you become confused and can not make your own choices.


At a reading I call on you and my helpers, and the angels and receive messages from them. Through dialogue with each other, we solve together the questions you may have, so that you can make your own choices. This mutual dialogue is important in order to understand the reason for your question, so that you can move forward.


Often I will receive general information that does not say anything directly about what is bothering you. Then you can ask more about a specific topic and get answers. Often, the answers will provide a redemption that provides a cause for your obstacles, and may require healing. It can be healing in your physical body or it can be emotional healing.  

Healing and reading go hand in hand. During a healing hour, I will always ask about the reason for getting it resolved. Likewise, during a reading I will often be told to give healing to dissolve energies so that you can see and think more clearly.  

The breath is our most important tool to give the brain oxygen, but we must breathe with the stomach in deep calm breaths. Then the energy flow will flow through the body and you can receive more energy. If you breathe with your chest, you will eventually feel pain in the shoulders and neck, which in turn can cause headaches. During a healing and reading hour you will be asked to breathe deeply with your stomach several times.  Finally, you will get a refill of energy.  

I live in what was the former nursery on Dønna, or you can contact me by phone. If you want to book an appointment, just press the gray button at the top right.



  In light and love


I have worked as a gardener from 1980 to 2015.  From 1997, the alternative began to become a part of my daily life. This has only become more and more integrated into everyday life.

Today I can say that my life has completely changed, I see and understand much more of how it works. This with how we think and cope with the different situations has an enormous amount to say for how the health picture will be in the future.

The more times we overtake our body and do not take the signals that come from there, the greater the chance of physical and mental ailments. The body reacts more strongly each time it happens.

In order to have the best possible contact with ourselves, we must take care of the body in every way. Be it
  mindset, physical activity and not least what we eat. Many times we get full of ideas and input from others, this makes it difficult for us to decide.  My personal experience is that meditation can be very helpful in such situations, as it cleanses out disturbing elements and we get much better contact with our inner voice. Otherwise, there are many other methods that can help us. This is just an example, but gradually one will feel more and more for what is best for oneself.

All these years, healing has been a part of my daily life, it started with me getting a hand analysis, where I was told what I could do for others and myself. It was all unbelievable, I remember laughing well at it all. Then I got the answer, that I should start by healing myself and eventually also my loved ones. Every time I put my hand in a place I was in pain, I could feel the cold flowing out. It was weird,
  since I knew my body kept 37 degrees. Later I could feel the same at a distance of 40 - 50 cm from the body. After a year, I could feel the same thing several meters away, or when I was talking to someone on the phone. That's how it was, today I can feel the energy of most things. 

In the greenhouse, which was
  a flower garden, had  I my daily work and felt  a good contact with the plants. By the way, I perceive healing as the release of locked energy from situations in life, which we did not understand to deal with properly there and then. This energy can of course be released in other ways than just healing. It does so with the usual company of other people, plants and animals. On the whole, one will understand, that everything around us is alive, and then I mean everything. What healing can especially help with is that we have energy pathways in the body that will drain out these energies as we release them. But they do not advance due to roadblocks. Several alternative forms of treatment and not least physical activity are very good.

We are a group here that has had meditations almost weather Sunday from approx. 2001. Healing of mother earth, has been one of the main tasks. The energy has then also developed, there have been many exciting episodes these years.

I have also held some courses, and been involved in arranging
  Alternativuka in Dønna for 10 years, and  now feel it's time to travel more to share my experiences with others. If you are interested and want a visit, just get in touch. Otherwise, time is always set aside for healing, before or after one  collection. I will always do my best for each individual to get the best possible benefit from the collection. Therefore, a lot of focus is on building a positive self-image, so that both physical and mental health can be improved.

The time we live in is very special. Yes, we are talking about life over all life. It is in many ways the end time. Not like that and understand that we are dying out, but that locked energy and situations must be dissolved. That is why there is so much going on in the world, wars and conflicts, natural disasters and not least revelations of deception and corruption. Everything is in a larger context. There is no more violence now than before, but it's just that we get to know about it. And in many ways, everything has to come to light or light, if you will, to be cleaned up so that the world gets better. What happens is that the frequency on earth increases and more and more things become visible, in other words things are shed light on things that were previously hidden. One speaks of veils or illusions, ie a deception. All these veils are going away and we will eventually see the world as it really is. This also applies to our own lives, we will experience that our closest, may not be our friends anyway. Or we register that we feel relaxed and free of energy, every time we have had contact with them. This is most often felt in the solar plexus or in the abdominal area. Then we must begin to look at our lives, and see what is happening, and clean up the life situation. If we succeed, we will not be drained, and we will regain the energy of life. When the veils are gone, we will see through when we are exploited or treated unfairly.

If you feel that you can recognize some of this in your life, I would recommend you a course with us where we go into more detail on this and several other things. In all, how we gain better control over our lives and utilize our abilities and qualities.

   In light and love

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