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Lesson 3. Hope

Hope is a man-made word for trying to believe in something, but by hoping there will also be a doubt. When you do not doubt you will know and therefore you do not have to hope. Hope gives you the courage to persevere, but hope can also be equated with the word trust. You have confidence that things will work out for you. Therefore, we want you to hold on to hope, as long as hope is equated with the word trust. If you hope with doubt at the bottom, you will only have one hope without it being fulfilled. On the other hand, a ready-made trust will be fulfilled. You get what you ask for. If you ask for hope, you will continue to hope. If you have confidence, your wishes will be fulfilled. but it will not necessarily be as you intended. Let go of hope and doubt, because behind every doubt there is a fear that what you hope for will not be fulfilled. Fear is a negative energy. By hoping with a doubt or a fear behind, you will attract this. If you let go and give all control to the universe, you attract positivity. When you have confidence in the universe, you will not have negative desires that go beyond others. Practice having confidence.

Sit down and breathe calmly. Find what you are hoping for in your mind. Feel if everything is good or whether you have any doubts behind this hope somewhere. Release the doubt and have confidence that the best will happen. Remember that the best that happens is not necessarily the same as what you hoped for, but by having confidence that the best will happen, it will happen. You are now practicing letting go of the control that is consuming your mind, and in some cases your life. Let go of control and have confidence. Receive and send a thank you.

You have now opened yourself to the universe and let go of the compulsion that everything you hope for will be fulfilled. For in a hope, there may also be other negative forces at play, and the universe will not fulfill negativity. Trust creates trust in the universe, light and love, and by having trust you will open yourself to the fact that the best will happen. So when you in the future have a hope, this hope should be the same as trust, without a hint of doubt. In light and love Archangel Michael.

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