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5. The stair step principle

In the energies, there are electrical impulses that fluctuate, sometimes weak and sometimes strong. These impulses are the power behind everything. In other words, you are made up of electrical impulses that cause the body to react in one way or another. Sometimes there will be a short circuit in the electrical transitions and the impulses get out of control, you then get reactions outside the normal reactions. This imbalance must be corrected before you can face the world as it is, and react in relation to it. This imbalance often leads to stress and anxiety and an imbalance in the psyche. When you read or hear other people's stories about how they got well, you also want to do something to get well, and you wish for miracles. As you know, a miracle is something that happens outside of your control, but life is often not like that. For miracles to happen you must be involved in your life. You have to take control of yourself and work to get into balance, then the miracle happens.

Humans have a path of development that lies in their genes. You have to crawl before you learn to walk. It's also a good saying to describe the development of a skill, but it's also how everything works in life, including finding the balance.

People use medicines when something is wrong, and preferably medicines to stave off the adverse side effects of the first medicine and so on. You are not so concerned with finding out what lies at the bottom of the illness, neither the physical nor the psychological. Everything has a cause and everything has an effect. What you send out, you get back in diversity. Other people's thoughts, actions and reactions can be sent to you and affect you. Many people have experiences in their lives that connect them to particular people or places that worsen the situation in life, and create an imbalance that persists even if the place or people are no longer there. The pain, both physical and psychological, has settled in the body and creates restless nervous systems. You would like to recover in a pinch, but this is where the stair step principle comes into play.

First, you must go deep within yourself and acknowledge with yourself what is really at the root of your condition. It may be that you have to dig very deep even in what you think you have come to terms with, but which is still in your body.

Then you must release these pains, release yourself from all guilt and send forgiveness, all from the bottom of your heart and soul. No matter how difficult this may be. Give yourself the gift of freeing yourself from pain once and for all. This is the difficult part that can take time, but is the most important part of becoming whole as a human being.

When you have redeemed, forgiven and asked for forgiveness, then you can stand up. Now you will send light and love to yourself. You must love yourself and everything about yourself. You must speak up for yourself and take control of your life. You must decide on your life, but you must not step on others. In your assertiveness, there should be no room for anger or a need for control.

When you understand that the energies work for you, then you make the right choices and your reactions will be balanced and sensible. You don't want to let other people's imbalance stand in your way or affect you.

You are now ready to go out into life without the burden you have carried throughout your life. You will now be able to understand why you yourself reacted the way you did and understand that the energies work all the time. You are intertwined with nature and are part of nature and its cycle. It is not nature and you, but you together. You will now understand that an imbalance in the energies is an imbalance in the electrical impulses from a cause that produces an effect. In all respects in life, everything has to be worked on from the bottom and work your way up. All the electrical connections must be connected correctly and in place for a machine to work, including you humans. Misconnection will cause the machine to cheat or strike completely, even so with you humans.

When you work with yourself and the energies, you cannot skip any steps, but some steps will go faster than others, depending on how dedicated you are in the work, and how honest you are with yourself. Think about your actions and your reactions, feel for and analyze yourself. Why did you react or act the way you did, free yourself from those feelings and replace them with light and love. Do this every time this happens to remove the imbalance. This is a work in progress that takes time. Processing years of imbalance is not done in a day. Give yourself time. Tell yourself that what I now feel or how I now react I will release from my body from now on and forever. I will replace these feelings with light and love. Acknowledge with yourself what reaction you should have had, and use this reaction in the next round. Give yourself credit for seeing your own mistakes and doing something about them.

Your self-awareness is the key to liberation. Start at the bottom and go up the steps until you can walk by yourself.

In light and love

Archangel Michael.

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