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Longing. Today is the day to remember those who have passed away. Many of you miss those who are no longer on earth, but have passed on to other dimensions. Some of you celebrate this day with party and fun, while others spend the day alone in grief. However you choose to mark the day, it is in memory of those who no longer walk the earth in a physical body. Celebrating the dead is an old tradition and was marked in the churches as it is today, to draw people to the church and to remind you that there is heaven and there is hell. Nothing scares you more than the living dead.

Everything is an illusion. You allow yourselves to be caught up in an illusion that you must mark one day a year for those who have passed away, or else they will walk the earth as the living dead. It is now time for you to look behind this illusion and see that those who have entered the light will not come back to haunt you. In the light there is only love, no revenge or strife. Those who come, come because you have called them, and they come in light and love. Those souls who have not entered the light, on the other hand, need help to find and understand that they are dead. Help them into the light. They don't want to "joke" one day a year and create chaos. You can call yours from the light at any time, talk to them and feel their presence, but they will always return to the light. If you've lost someone you don't want to let go of, know that you're holding this soul trapped in an in-between world. Show the one you miss love by sending them into the light. Lift the sorrow from your shoulders and cut the bonds so that the soul may be free to enter the light. This is the greatest gift you can give to the one you miss. Give the soul freedom, don't hold it captive. When you do not want to let go of your loved one by holding this soul back, then the soul must use all its energy and your energy to vibrate with the strength it needs to be in an in-between world. You are drained of energy and the soul will be unhappy. The soul will like to enter the light, but can't leave until you let go. The one you love, you give freedom both in earthly life and in spiritual life.

You live under many illusions, traditions and self-imposed living patterns. Free yourself from these burdens, look behind the veils and lift the illusions. Light a candle and remember the one you miss at any time of the year, not a special day. Break patterns in life, set yourself free. When you dress up as something you associate with evil, it is a celebration of the dark forces. A collective worship of darkness, instead of a memory of a missing person. Use the day to light a candle and call the light into your life, keep the darkness out. You decide for yourself and have always a choice.

In light and love Archangel Michael.

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