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3. Let go

Start by analyzing your feelings. What makes you angry, sad, irritated or what do you fear? Then you take ownership of these feelings, Acknowledge that they are a part of you, and that they do something to you. Search yourself deeply by asking what are these feelings doing for your life? Do they hold you back, do they lie over you like a burden, do they create mistrust and skepticism towards everything and everyone, like a wounded dog? Then you ask yourself if you really want to live like this, is this what you want for the rest of your life. Carrying everything that weighs you down. Of course you have the opportunity to blame others, there are others who have done this to you, but it does not help you to know what others have done. What you should focus on is how you feel and what you can do to change those feelings. Instead of being a victim, you can use your experiences as a lesson and a strength.

Ask yourself; what is it about this situation that makes me angry? Why is this exactly what triggers anger or fear? Perhaps then you will come up with a reason, but go on what is it in this reason that I really get angry or fear. You must therefore work your way down to the core of your feelings. Practice changing the idiom from; I'm angry, I fear, until I feel angry, I feel fear. When you recognize that this is a feeling, you also know that this is an energy, and energies can be released, let go.

You should not work on everything at once. When you get into a situation that makes you angry or you feel fear, step out of the situation and analyze your own feelings. What in this situation triggered these feelings, and work with them then and there. Do you need this anger, fear or irritation? Do you feel better afterwards, does that improve the situation? The answer will probably be no - they weigh you down and others move on. They are therefore your problem, something you must do something about. Analyze your feelings, what happens if you see the situation from a different angle, is the fear real, what can really happen and is it real? Tell yourself that you are letting go of these feelings, you don't need them. Replace them with light and love. Let good feelings flood you. You can go back to the situation and give good arguments for why you disagree, you can turn the situation around by being aware of your own feelings.

Then we come to the part of life where you have to let go of hatred and anger towards certain people. If you cultivate this feeling, you will find that this feeling follows you in everything you do, and in meeting new people. You don't become yourself, but the feeling you carry, something others notice. Forgiveness is powerful, forgiveness can turn your life upside down, forgiveness can release you from all your trapped emotions that create both mental and physical suffering.

Forgive the person you hold a grudge against, because it will release you from this energy. You don't forgive the actions and you never have to see this person again, but you free yourself from all the bad feelings that hold you down and prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Let go of hatred and resentment and the victim role, The other person will no longer have power over your feelings and your life. You know that what the other person has done is wrong, but you no longer want to have to carry this for the rest of your life. You dissolve the energy by letting go and forgiving, and you will understand that the other person is the one who has big problems with emotions and themselves since they could hurt you. You are the one who will come out stronger, and wiser, and has an experience you can share with others in the same situation.

Forgive, let go and replace with light and love is the key and it is powerful. Use this tool in any situation among friends, family, colleagues or strangers you meet. You own your life, you therefore own the key to changes in your life. It's up to you whether you want to use this key to be free, or lock the door tighter and stay in your own prison. You are a creator and therefore creating your own life. Create a good life for yourself.

In light and love Archangel Michael.

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