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1. Self-examination

Archangel Michael has come up with a new self-development course for us. The first thing he wants us to do is search ourselves. This requires us to spend a lot of time and work with ourselves, and be honest with ourselves. Good luck!

1. Self-examination

Self-examination is one of the hardest things you humans can do. To go into the depth of yourself, to recognize shortcomings, mistakes and good things too. To be self-critical in a constructive way, or to accept praise when you have done something really good. Difficult you say, but seeing other people's faults and shortcomings is so easy, just not your own.

So now you are going to look into the depths of yourself, your innermost secret room that you may not want to admit to yourself exists. Thoughts and feelings that are difficult, forbidden, and unflattering in the eyes of others. For each of you have thoughts, feelings and qualities that would rather not stand the light of day. It does not mean that there is anything cruel or criminal about them, but something that places you in a bad light.

Why then should you search yourself and worry about these hidden qualities coming to the surface? You shouldn't! You should only acknowledge these to yourself and do something about them. Educate yourself and feel good and bad and know the reason for these thoughts or feelings. Going deep within yourself requires self-discipline and a willingness to try. By daring to go inside yourself, you will be able to release what is difficult, the cause of these qualities or thoughts. When you do that, you allow yourself to have a better life, allow difficult energies that block your path to be released, and open up to new energies that are good for you.

Through meditation, you will draw out your hidden depths and feel them. Let your thoughts flow and notice what comes into your mind. Stand on the sidelines of yourself and ask yourself critical questions in relation to the thoughts that appear. Why do these thoughts appear and do they have a reason that lies deep within you. If these thoughts and the exercise become difficult to handle, then exit the exercise and try again later. Now you know what is hiding in the depths and that you have to do something about theme. In order to become a whole person with all the potential that lies in being whole, you must release everything that is difficult and negative. To open up to the new energies, you must be whole and clean. It does not mean that you are flawless, none of you are, but that you have done what you can to free yourself from everything negative.

Maybe you don't need to go that deep, maybe it's simmering on the surface. Allow yourself to feel these feelings and release them. It may also be that you have difficulty accepting praise. Allow yourself to feel the joy of being praised, admit to yourself what you are good at. You are the biggest critic in your life, change this, let go and just allow.

In light and love Archangel Michael.

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